The players: English Muffin

The English Muffin is of British descent in real life. His character, however, is of the Elven race and falls into the Archer Ranger class paradigm. His character is a beautiful young dame by the name of Xera (I think) who happens to be albino. I still don’t really understand his reasoning behind such a trait, but he also mentioned that unlike most albinos, she has phenomenal eyesight. Xera’s backstory is vague, but it includes her forest being burnt to the ground along with her village, thusly causing her to flee home. 

Ranged: Longbow

Melee: Handaxe

Player type: Power Gamer (strives to collect all the finest loot and maximize all abilities) 

Interests: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Chess, Eragon, YuGiOh

Triumph's Case Notes - Billy the Munchkin

A while ago I posted Triumph’s Laws of Roleplaying. These are a series of observations made from years gaming with an exceptionally eclectic group in my younger days. Fortunately these days I know better. Anyway I thought it would be funny and worth explaining the backstory to some of these idioms for cheap laughs.

2) Never wield a weapon you can’t survive.

34) If another player is playing a Mysterious Race that not even the GM knows, it’s time to call it a day.

As it happens both of these came from the same session of the same game. Allow me to set the scene, if you will.

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You know what? Conventions are very much Not For Me.

Last year I encountered the ‘it’s not cosplay unless you make the entire costume yourself’ elitists. This year it was the ‘If it’s not a big fandom why even bother’ elitists, who were if anything even worse. (But a big “you rock!” to the lovely Asbel Lhant player I ran into in the afternoon, your costume was amazing and talking about Tales cosplay dreams was fun.)

The Pokémon Elite 4 challenge was a good idea badly executed, being run in the corridor outside the dealer’s room and maid café, and one of the Elite 4 members did rather ruin it for casual players by running a team of pseudo-legendaries to get around the no legendaries rule and completely stomping everyone but one player who powergamed even worse. (Said player has been banned from casual play competitions at my local game store, he is that bad.)

Plus the whole thing was running more than half an hour behind from very early on in the day and a lot of people missed the cosplay contests and a lot of panels entirely because of unannounced schedule changes. There were way more people attending than there was room to accommodate and none of the stalls had food after a couple of hours because it was all bought for the maid café. Don’t even start me on how awful the food and drink I actually managed to buy were and how disgustingly overpriced it was.

If I ever decide to go to a con again, someone needs to grab me by the shoulders and shake me until I come to my senses.