another borderlands oc! let’s go!

Esme Cashmont, her grace the duchess of stutley-mannerton, is this lady from the same British Empire planet as the Hammerlock siblings. she’s one of those people who always has to be doing something, who isn’t happy unless she’s actively doing a job or solving a problem. she approaches life like a powergamer. she’s gone through husbands and wives like some people go through knickers. not because she’s a murderous black widow or anything, she just works them too hard.

she owns a zillion shares in the dahl corporation, and invested heavily in their mining expedition to pandora. so she was understandably annoyed when dahl suddenly pulled out and abandoned that project. unable to make things happen her way over echonet communications, she hopped in her spaceship to fly to pandora and knock people’s heads together in person.

it was supposed to be a simple three-day journey from her planet, which she’d spend partly working, partly in regenerative sleep (she’s balls old). like hypersleep cuts into Working Time but her doctors were getting pretty hysterical about it, so sure whatever, if she timed it for when she was in deepest space she figured it shouldn’t eat into her schedule too much.

UNFORTUNATELY she got rammed by an asteroid or something while in hypersleep and ended up snoozing for kind of a while. by the time she got out, dahl was long gone, that pissant sniper manufacturer Hyperion had been taken over by a nobody, and a city had been built on the buried remains of the Sanctuary mining ship.

esme cashmont needs to catch up on the local news. and she is probably stranded on pandora for a really long time.

she’ll probably come to like the pandora ‘fight for survival by the skin of your teeth’ lifestyle despite herself. it’s a different and interesting challenge, and at least it’s more fun than the society of teacakes and short sunday hours back at home.

The players: English Muffin

The English Muffin is of British descent in real life. His character, however, is of the Elven race and falls into the Archer Ranger class paradigm. His character is a beautiful young dame by the name of Xera (I think) who happens to be albino. I still don’t really understand his reasoning behind such a trait, but he also mentioned that unlike most albinos, she has phenomenal eyesight. Xera’s backstory is vague, but it includes her forest being burnt to the ground along with her village, thusly causing her to flee home. 

Ranged: Longbow

Melee: Handaxe

Player type: Power Gamer (strives to collect all the finest loot and maximize all abilities) 

Interests: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Chess, Eragon, YuGiOh

Triumph's Case Notes - Billy the Munchkin

A while ago I posted Triumph’s Laws of Roleplaying. These are a series of observations made from years gaming with an exceptionally eclectic group in my younger days. Fortunately these days I know better. Anyway I thought it would be funny and worth explaining the backstory to some of these idioms for cheap laughs.

2) Never wield a weapon you can’t survive.

34) If another player is playing a Mysterious Race that not even the GM knows, it’s time to call it a day.

As it happens both of these came from the same session of the same game. Allow me to set the scene, if you will.

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What's This About Two OCs?

Hey lovelies, we’d like to make everyone aware that there is now an official stance on multiple characters - which is that you may have up to two OCs!


Now, there are a few rules and regulations that can be found here:



Another bit that is necessary before we can dive head first into multiple characters is that you must fill out an application for your new character. This is to prevent powergaming and other poor behavior. (Though we don’t think there will be much issue with that.)


How to fill out this application is as follows.


Go to this link and go to file, make a copy:



Fill it out to the best of your abilities and then share it with webtail4@gmail.com .


Our mods will look it over and then approve it! You should get an email or an ask with approval within one or two days!

(Also, if you are interested in a second character but do not have one planned, keep your eyes peeled. We’ll be announcing a unique opportunity for driven folks who want to be involved in inter-Circle relations!)