A new image of the Deluxe Legendary Morpher & Ranger Key Set has been found by RangerCrew Blog. Follow RangerCrew on Twitter for toy updates, also.

I had found this in the Toys R Us database a few months ago, but it showed Ranger Keys for the core 5 MMPR, Samurai, Megaforce and Super Megaforce. It’s very possible this set has changed. It is $79.99 and should hit stores in a few weeks. This may also be what Bandai was speaking of regarding “New Ranger Keys for people who like 6th rangers and girls.”

Toys R Us’ database that I have been checking removed the packaging image I posted 2 months ago and replaced it with stock photos of Ninja Storm Red and Super Megaforce Red in the last week. I didn’t know what to make of it until this new image.

More info: Super Megaforce Toy Listings

anônimo disse:

Any power rangers team + meeting their Sentai counter parts

Geki and Jason hit it off though the conversation about green rangers turns awkward.

Goushi is confused by Zack but finds wisdom in his actions. Zack things Goushi is cool but could lighten up a bit.

Dan protests that Billy couldn’t be his counterpart while Billy explains in a scientific manner how it’s totally possible while getting annoyed with Dan.

Boi and Trini are confused but then hit it off when they share their martial arts.

Mei loves Kim’s style and Kim loves Mei’s hair styles.

Tommy feels awkward around Burai after hearing his story but tries to console him about it. Burai feels bad for Tommy but was happy he would still get to live.