Spell To Rid Nightmares And Allow A Relaxing Sleep

I thought I would share this because one of my lovely friends nymphfaun gave it to me and its helped me for weeks and weeks after thinking I would never find a cure for it.

- A cotton bag or even a piece of velvet in the colour of either purple, white or black to banish negativity and help with sleep. I chose black
- Rock salt (table salt has a tendency of coming out of the bag into the bed)
- A herb of your personal choice. (I used lavender to help with relaxing my energy as I sleep, but you could use mint, peppermint, even mugwort to allow you to have vivid dreams)
- A piece of string to tie the bag to your ankle.

Hold the bag in your receiving hand and place the salt into the bag, while doing so either say to yourself that you place it into the bag to rid negativity or imagine bad dreams going away, then place your herb of choice in there, projecting your will and energy into it. You may also add a crystal of your choice. :)
Before bed, tie it to your ankle and it shall rid bad dreams and allow you to rest easier.

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Image and text by Jon Lowenstein, via The New Yorker’s Instagram. Chile, 2013.

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