We live in a world where people don’t know how much power they have and what they’re capable of. If the system is unjust and doesn’t work for all of you then just stop what you’re doing, say “No”, sit down on the pavement and protest it. The people run this country and we have the power. Power is in numbers. And we outnumber the people in power.

let your money talk. This is an economic state. If you believe in change, then keep yours. Allow them to respect your POWER. Being in the streets and making the careers of reporters and pundits portraying you as animals once again will only fuel rage that is undercover. Use the voice you have. MONEY.


Besides that new iPhone is kinda overrated.

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We can do this if we get the word out. 

Where do you even begin when it comes to what is wrong with this world. Did we really think Officer Wilson would have been convicted? They had the Natural Guard here before it was announced, as if that was not a clue to what the verdict was. It was built like this on purpose. There were no mistakes. The rights we have come with a price. There is no goal of equality because it all comes down to MONEY, GREED and PROSPERITY. They want us to kill each other. Look at the music industry, listen to how violent music became in the early 1990’s and how much of an influence it has had on our culture as a whole. Look at how hard it is in urban communities with gangs, poverty, welfare, government assistance, “the projects”, all utensils to keep minorities below the equality line. Look at the corrupt cops, they make money off of minorities going to prison (the private prison system). Bullets that are shot by cops are protected by the “justice system”. It is JUST for THEM. It is ALL a set up. Having a black president is an accomplishment, but do not be fooled. We became enslaved again in another form. Do not let CNN be your plate form of seeing the unjust of this world, the core is so deep, do your research. They turned us against each other, I mean its all so clear. I am so happy and proud to see those who are fighting for rights and justice because we are tired and angry. KEEP FIGHTING PEACEFULLY for what is right because it stands for THE CHANGE WE WANT, do not give this country anymore reason to be against us by being violent to make a point. We want justice and peace but rioting sends what message, we let this country put their National Guard to use. At the end of the day God is the only person who has the power over this corrupt world to really give freedom and justice to all.
—  thebeautyjunke