To will is power 
 When You believe in yourself, when You believe in a goal or principal, You will execute it with perseverance, dedication, and zeal 
When You engage your will, your energy will be invincible, unyielding, invulnerable. Every challenge will become a pleasure. The energy of desire to prove to yourself your abilities, will be stronger then any difficulty. That energy will nourish your soul. Will excite the mind and the heart. Working will become a delight. Dreaming a plan of action. Every mistake a lesson. Every criticism a new inspiration, a new creative idea and action. Giving up will not even be an option 
Yes, when you want something bad enough, YOU will make it happen 
May Love, Joy and Infinite Wisdom, be with you, always♥ 

In reading a bit about black locust before we started working with it, I learned that it glows in black light. I didn’t think we’d have a chance to test it for ourselves, that I’d just have to imagine and trust. But we got our hands on a black light flashlight and tried it out. In a large, dark boiler room in the basement of the visitors’ center where we’re building this deck, we took a slice of the wood, propped it up, and shone the flashlight on it. The photograph is crap, but we yelled and and whoa’d and holy shitted, because it did glow. A secret power to this wood. Bright and ghosty and I liked to think of wandering through a forest in the night and seeing the woods fluoresce like this.

Heaven knows that on his journey to find himself he left his glasses but took his bible.
He didn’t want to see reality.
He wanted an illusion to set his sights on.
A beautiful lie like the countryside in Nicaragua.
Stuck between a girl he wishes to love and a pride he won’t let go of.
He is a traveler.
Not a tourist.
Yet he is lost in his own mind.
Forgotten is his power and prowess.
Loneliness leaves him empty.
But he journeys forth.
Forever into the unknown.
Searching for a life that he won’t find half a world away, but only within himself.