A Drop Of Power Makes Hydrogen Fuel Cheaper


by Michael Keller

**Editor’s Note: There seems to be some confusion based on readers’ comments that this post is about researchers discovering electrolysis of water. That process has been known since the 18th century. This article is about research looking to make industrial-scale hydrogen gas from water using novel electrodes that diminish the amount of electricity and precious metals needed during electrolysis.**

Scientists have made a breakthrough in generating hydrogen gas fuel more efficiently by splitting water with smaller amounts of electricity. 

Stanford University researchers report that they have disassembled water molecules into gaseous hydrogen and oxygen with the electromotive force of a single AAA battery. Both gaseous products are flammable and hydrogen is considered a viable power source for electricity production and vehicles. In fact, the first hydrogen fuel cell cars will be available for purchase in the US beginning in 2015.

The Stanford group also accomplished the low-power water splitting, a process called water electrolysis, without the expensive precious metals typically used. They put two electrodes in a beaker of water and sent current through them, which broke the liquid into the two gases.


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"But for power to truly feel itself menaced, it must somehow sense itself in the presence of another power-or more accurately, an energy-which it has not known how to define and therefore does not really know how to control."

- James Baldwin

Knowledge is Power


Most of us have heard the phrase “knowledge is power” — but we may not fully understand how to translate this into improving our lives in a practical way. Here is a little breakdown:

Knowledge = Options = Power

When we educate ourselves, we learn new things that we were previously unaware of. This gives us the ability to make better decisions, come up with more evolved and intelligent thoughts, improve the lives of ourselves and those around us, and thus makes us more valuable people overall.

This, in turn, leads to more options. The more valuable of a person you are, the more people will want to be around you, the more they will want to work with you, the more they introduce you to others who need your help or can help you, and the more doors and opportunities open in your life.

This high level of options in life gives you the freedom to choose from many different paths, and so you do not necessarily need anyone or anything to be happy or successful. And that freedom, my friend, is power. Because that freedom allows you to have the power to speak your mind, the power to be who you truly are, the power to not accept second class behavior from anyone, and the power to do whatever makes you happy. That is why knowledge is so important. 

If you read a book written by a genius in an area you are passionate about, you will absorb so many things that have the potential to dramatically improve your life.

The best part about knowledge is that unlike fancy toys, or stocks, or money, knowledge becomes part of who you are. Your car can break down at any moment. The stocks you own can plummet at any time. Hyperinflation can render all of your money useless within the blink of an eye (if you don’t believe this is possible, do some research and give yourself some knowledge about what happened in prosperous nations such as Germany and Russia during the course of history; no one is fully immune).

But no matter what happens in your life, knowledge is something that nobody can ever take away from you. Once you learn a new and revolutionary idea that transforms the way you view the world, it is yours forever. And the more you learn, the more insights you can build on top of the things you already know, until one day, you realize that the constant pursuit of knowledge is one of the pillars of your success and happiness.

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Pripyat Fun Fair Bumper Cars (by jamescharlick)

Pripyat was the town built for the workers at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. It has been a ghost town since the accident.

The fun fair was due to open just days after the accident.

These images were taken in October 2011, I have been re-editing the series for a revamp of my portfolio and found several images I liked that went unused previously and thought I would share them here.


our hands were as cold as ever
two spirits lost in the zone of their unconscious life
a meeting of two brought you, a tumble of weeds, but i still see
bend down, the beauty, the lovely and how fast i’ve fallen

wasn’t sent from, it was time and the reason i write rhymes
i patronize others and paint feelings of another
slip with this and that and feel an unholy feeling of immorality
they say otherworldly, but i rhyme and say, ideally maybe i lie frozen

the warm brings truth and my favorite color is blue
shades of darkness, the deep underlying feeling of your highness
a wicked reign of yesterday through eternity
matter of a ghost roaming the coast wondering where it all went wrong

i do, i did and at times i still feel gone like a piece of me isn’t right
that i might’ve already died and well, maybe this is limbo
all the symbols, the unnecessary jesters out at sea
how people become stuck in windows deep throating any sort of information

i think about the bitter, the cold, the deep devotion i have towards you
forever stuck in this wonderment and awful mood of endearment
you said you’ve never felt it, that you wish and that you were sorry
yet an apology isn’t always accepted and sometimes you have to face it

the way i called as you reigned and felt today like it was a getaway
i’m not asking for an apology, a sorry or really anything
essentially an understanding that it went both ways
it takes two to make a wrong and even if your morals weren’t there
i should’ve pulled the chair and left and said i’ve had it

now i’m strung, hung up on things i should’ve never seen
looking down upon things that i haven’t given a chance
stuck in a motion of you that left this jaded bruise
i feel used while you made excuse after excuse
i have no clues, no use, all you did was shoot while i sat confused