-Favorite Bug Type-

#213 Shuckle, the Mold Pokémon

Shuckle is an interesting Pokémon. You’d think it was a water type, because it looks like a turtle of sorts, or maybe rock, due to it’s shell. But that is not the case. Shuckle is, curiously enough, a Bug/Rock type. The Bug type probably comes from it being based on scale insects (small insects that poop honeydew after consuming tree sap (which might explain Shuckles ability to ferment berries inside it’s shell)), along with a weird mix of endoliths (organisms that live inside of rocks, explaining it’s Rock subtype and shell, aswell as why it’s the “Mold Pokémon”), mollusks and a turtle.

But, enough of my (hopefully accurate) babbling about the real-life inspirations of Pokémon (I find this stuff really interesting though, Game Freak sure is resourceful!).

Gameplay wise, Shuckle is also rather interesting. In it’s first appearance in Gold and Silver, you could give it a Berry to hold and after a while, it’d ferment into Berry Juice, which would restore twice as much HP as a regular Berry. Aside from that interesting note, Shuckle has the highest base Defense (not counting Mega Aggron, who ties with it) and Special Defense of all Pokémon, with 230 in both. It’s other stats are very, VERY low. A mere 20 HP, 10 in Attack and Special Attack and only 5 Speed.

It’s movepool has many interesting supporting moves, such as Sticky Web, Power Trick, Power Split, Guard Split, Gastro Acid, Encore and Helping Hand. Shuckle is quite amazing at stalling and supporting partners in double/triple battles.

It also has the best german name of all Pokémon: Pottrott.

Personally, I like Shuckle because of it’s most amazing german name, it’s dopey, calm expression (which it has whenever it’s not drawn by me, everything I touch turns angry), it’s goofy design and it’s unique way of working in battle, being all defense and nothing else.

And that concludes Day 1. I hope me writing all this trivia about a Pokémon won’t be too annoying, because I’ll be doing that every day.