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I have a huge collection of cool Harry Potter bric-à-brac, most of which I brought back last year after visiting the most magical place on earth, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We have most of it out on display, but we really want to get a better shelf to display all our curious & magical items. The wands are still in their boxes and we’d really like to get a stand to display them more nicely.

It had occurred to me, that although I had mentioned purchasing this top back in March when I was down at ECCC, I had never actually taken any outfit shots with it!

This is a bit of silly summer goth.  I usually don’t actually wear my kitty ears, though I do appreciate how subtle these are in particular.



Outfit details & where to buy this top on margotmeanie.com

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog! Not to bother but do you know any good Severus Snape blogs or general HP blogs?

thank you! uhh yeah! i follow mostly multifandom blogs but a lot of them post harry potter. umm off the top of my head though, timesturners, potterphile, lustgood, umm yeah but you can go look at my blogroll for more.

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What is the most inspirational song you’ve ever heard? 
TOP 3 BABIES (lovely celebrities u die because of)?
How do sharks make babies?
c a r e f u l l y
Best movie this year?
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Whouffle or Delena?
dkfnjdnkjds WHY WOULD YOU ASK ME THIS jkbdnjsbn….delena…
If the Doctor turned up on your door step and asked you to go somewhere with him where would you go?
another planet!
Do you support gay rights?

What couple do you want to see still together in the next 10 years?
Nina and Ian plzplzplzpl…WAIT NO. MATT AND KAREN. YES.
Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Wars
Clara or Amy?
jdfndkjfnvhjdbnsjdbnjd why must you ask me these things um amy???

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