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I cheat on the pottermore quizzes to try for Hufflepuff. I always wanted to be a Hufflepuff. I still keep getting Slytherin. What does that say about me?

That you’re probably a Slytherin. ;)

There’s a difference between what you are and what you’d like to be. Serpents get a bad rap and are very poorly portrayed in the books, so a lot of people are reluctant to admit they belong in that House. Slytherins are cunning, ambitious, and extremely loyal to those they care about (which is why it contains a lot of xxTJs). There’s nothing wrong with that. Some can be very cutthroat and the House history is steeped in prejudice, but that’s all the more reason to have level-headed snakes in there.

I personally don’t find the Pottermore quiz to be all that accurate. I would base your House on the descriptions, not the quiz, but remember that the Sorting Hat will always take a student’s preference into account. For those looking to fudge the test and get the House you want, this is the guide I use.

Started my Harry Potter Universe-style wand this weekend! Sharpened the tip and primed the wood part with white paint. Was lucky enough to have a chopstick the same length as the one I was “assigned” on Pottermore (10 inches) which I feel is a good size for me.

I’m definitely not taking the Pottermore quiz anytime soon for the Sorting Hat because I’m just too terrified that I’d end up in Gryffindor or something like that. I’m just proclaiming that I’m a Slytherin and that’s the end of it.
—  Tom Felton, right before he took the Pottermore quiz (x)

Pottermore clue for 12/12/2014

Answer: Professor Snape

New content unlocked: Cokeworth

Cokeworth is a fictional town in the English midlands where Harry spends a night at the Railview Hotel with his aunt, uncle and cousin Dudley. Cokeworth’s name is supposed to suggest an industrial town, and to evoke associations of hard work and grime.

Although it is never made explicit in the books, Cokeworth is the place where Petunia and Lily Evans and Severus Snape all grew up. When Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon are trying to evade the letters from Hogwarts, they travel to Cokeworth. Perhaps Uncle Vernon has a vague idea that Cokeworth is so distinctly unmagical, the letters will not follow them there. He ought to have known better; after all Petunia’s sister, Lily, turned into a talented witch in Cokeworth.

It is therefore Cokeworth that Bellatrix and Narcissa visit at the start of Half-Blood Prince, where they visit Snape at his parents’ old house. Cokeworth has a river running through it, evidence of at least one large factory in the long chimney overlooking Snape’s house, and many small streets full of workers’ houses.