Dear Wizarding Community,

On the 2nd of May, 1998 the battle of Hogwarts took place. We shall raise our wands to thank all of those who put their lives at danger to save others and to destroy the evil and darkness of Lord Voldemort and his followers, the Death Eaters. Let us have a minute of silence to all those who died, let us remember them for the heroes they were.

The Ministry of Magic would like to formally apologise for the damage that we caused when we were in denial of Voldermort’s return and when we were controlled by the dark lord. Let us never forget how easily evil can spread. Let us prevent this from happening ever again by remembering the horrible outcome this brough with it.

Let us raise our wands in honour of Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the chosen one, the man who destroyed Voldemort once and for all!

Today marks an anniversary for fans, readers, muggles, wizards and witches! The day we lost many of our beloved characters like Snape and Weasley. We also won the battle and killed Voldemort! If you remember this day I want you to like this and comment below! This was my childhood and it will forever be in my heart! Plus Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are amazing people! I totally relate to Neville Longbottom! By the way, I’ll comment below which house Jk Rowling and Pottermore placed me in when you all post your house!

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Not feeling well but Im back from my vacation with my boyfriend and his parents. Had a great time in Universal….and now…..Im full dork XD. My boyfriends early birthday gift to me is the slytherin robe and scarf while I already have a wand.


all my Harry Potter feels are coming back full swing..sooo..lm watching the HP movies once more….begining to end…

so I need to ask….what house are you in?

I’m definitely not taking the Pottermore quiz anytime soon for the Sorting Hat because I’m just too terrified that I’d end up in Gryffindor or something like that. I’m just proclaiming that I’m a Slytherin and that’s the end of it.
—  Tom Felton, right before he took the Pottermore quiz (x)

Happy 25th Birthday Emma Watson! Thank you for being a wonderful Hermione Granger and a fighter for equal rights.

“We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.” - Albus Dumbledore