People think that James Sirius and Albus Severus’d be pranksters, and Lily Luna just a nerdy, wise, stubborn girl. But i totally can see her as a badass, funny rulebreaker and feminist.
“- Potter, why is his arm broken ?!?!?!!!!
- He said i couldn’t open the jar.
- And ?
- I wasn’t strong enough.
- So ?
- So i think he’ll never say that again. Don’t you do, professor ? “
And she just disappears under the invisibility cloak (softly stolen from her brother), giggling, ignoring the yells of the professor. Yup, that’s my Lily Luna Potter.


Sirius Black (J.K.Rowling  - “Harry Potter”) | Сириус Блэк (Дж.К.Роулинг - “Гарри Поттер)

“You ran away from home?”
“When I was about sixteen,” said Sirius. “I’d had enough.”
“Where did you go?” asked Harry, staring at him.
“Your dad’s place,” said Sirius. (c) J.K. Rowling 

Photo: Yana Gallis

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