Homemade fish and chips!

For the chips I did the double fry method which I think it a must. You first cook the potatoes at around 325 for a few minutes. This cooks the inside of the potatoes. After frying the first time you refry them at 375 to develop the crisp outside. You can see the difference in the 5th picture. The fries in the lower left corner have just had the second fry while the other ones have not. 

Frying potatoes this way insures that the potato is thoroughly cooked and the outside is nice and crispy. If you only cook the potatoes at the lower temperature they will not develop the crispy outside. If you only cook them at the higher temperature the outside will burn before the inside has been cooked. 

For the fish we picked up some cod so nothing too special but correct for the meal. I just made a simple beer batter with one of my homebrews. The fish is first dusted with corn starch to help the batter stick. They were just cooked until golden brown. 

We also made some tarter sauce to go with the meal. Just mayonnaise, vinegar, capers, pickles, dill, and maybe some other stuff. I just taste until I think it’s right. 

Food tip: Keep your onions and spuds separate!

I was just browsing for recipes when I came across this tip “Avoid storing potatoes with onions because, when close together, they produce gases that spoil both”

Ha! I never knew that! Looks like I’ll be finding a new home pour mes oignons.

salsa and purple potatoes. what was going on this night???

jan 8

we began the night with guac and no salsa- so i made some!!


things i put in that blue bowl:

  • tomatos (obvi!)
  • onion
  • cilantro
  • salt & peppa
  • mango beverage…

it wasn’t very spicy because that was the only appropriate salsa ingredients we had but it was still pretty okay considering!

after the salsa things got weird with some baby potatoes.


we were trying to mash them


then we blended them in the magic bullet…


they ended up looking like this…. not super appetizing but they tasted fine and we ate them all haha 


in other news- look at my plant grow!!