Being that tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day….I’m doing PotC Throwback Thursday from our piratical days, back in 2006-2009!

I made a new ‘Curse of the Black Pearl’ Will waist coat and we didn’t even end wearing Will and Liz at DCon this year -_-….thinking about doing a mini photoshoot tomorrow to mimic the old promo shots Orlando and Kiera did. On top of the fact, Berg has never gotten good shots of his CotBP Will, and he’s had the damn thing since 2005. For some reason we completely forgot it when we went and too these shots on St. Simons in 2009.

We still want to go to St. Augustine and take pics at some point.

Barbossa RP anyone?

((After some stress inducing family issues over the summer that left me high and dry without a muse for Barbossa, I’m ready to jump back into the RP side of this blog!!!




Anyone out there want to plot with the Scraggly Bearded, Big-Hatted One?

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  • Two years experience with tumblr RP
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  • Chat RP or Para RP
  • Please check out my rules.

Like, comment, shoot me an Ask or Fanmail, wave your hands, send up a flare…..anything to grab my attention!  And remember….tumblr likes to eat Asks.  So if you don’t hear back from me…try, try again.

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When A&E said ” somewhere down the road ” ..
Somewhere down the road 🎧 :

We had the right love
“At the wrong time”
“Guess I always knew inside
I wouldn’t have you for a long time”
Those dreams of yours
Are shining on distant shores
And if they’re calling you away
I have no right to make you stay…!

But somewhere down the road
Our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn’t really matter when
But somewhere down the road
[ I know the heart of yours
Will come to see
That you belong to me ]

Sometimes goodbyes are not forever..
It doesn’t matter if you’re gone..
I still believe in us together..
[I understand more than you think I can]
..You have to go out on your own
So you can find your way back home..!
And somewhere down the road
Our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn’t really matter where

But somewhere down the road
I know that heart of yours
Will come to see
That you belong with me
Letting go is just another way to say
I’ll always love you so
We had the right love at the wrong time
Maybe we’ve only just begun
Maybe the best is yet to come
Cause somewhere down the road
Our roads are gonna cross again
It doesn’t really matter where

But somewhere down the road
I know that heart of yours
Will come to see
That you belong with me ..🎧

I was tagged by the lovely bbjorgman thanks pet 😊
1.) e-dawg or eims I have an awkward name! 
2.) blue sometimes they look green sometimes they look blue-grey.
 3.) blonde :) 
4.) I speak Gaeilge and proud of it! 
5.) Red 
6.) Cork it’s so beautiful but the waterworks here in Belfast as well!
7.) Bruce Springsteen! 
8.) Dog :) because my little baby is a rough collie. 
9.) that’s too hard it’s a mix between Kozmic Blues, Youngstown, lost in the flood oh and every Bruce Springsteen song! 
10.) Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

Imma tag the lovely dixongurl razza2013 (you may do it Rachel or I’ll puncture your tires) theanxietygirl truegodofthearena pancake-potch

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  1. Idk one of my friends calls me bitchlord but I don’t really have one
  2. Blue. but then sometimes  kind of green.
  3. Brown. Just brown. I’ve never dyed it and I kind of want to but also what if it looks awful.
  4. I was born at 11:16PM which isn’t that weird but then when you find out my sister was born at 11:16AM it’s kind of weird.
  5. Idk sometimes yellow and sometimes red and sometimes something in between. Right now? Red.
  6. I’m gonna go with my parents basement right now (yeah I know I sound lame but like whatever I don’t have to pay residence fees so). Which is where I currently am. It’s nice, it has a lot of big windows so in the day it’s really light and no one in my house ever uses the basement except me so I’ve like turned it into my study space. It’s pretty cool.
  7. Um idk couldn’t be that one cute fucker who I can’t go a day without thinking about.
  8. Idk in general maybe frogs? Idk they’re kind of cool. But if you want a specific animal, my dog Daisy. She’s cool. She just started licking my leg though and that gets a little annoying. No she’s the cutest dog ever I love her.
  9. LIKE HOW DO PEOPLE PICK JUST ONE SONG? I’m gonna copy Mollie and just put what I’m listening to right now which is Who Are You by the Who.
  10. AGAIN LIKE JUST ONE? Actually I do have a favourite book. American Gods by Niel Gaiman. But then like Harry Potter and Austen and ike my favourite book ever is God Created the Integers which is an anthology of mathematical works with commentary by Stephen Hawking. (It’s great and huge and I love it and I used to know exactly how many copies there were in the local book store.) (Actually I know that about a lot of math books in the local bookstore like I knew what my sister bought for me last birthday by what books had been bought because I’m a huge fucking nerd okay.) (She bought me Math on Trial which is also a very interesting book.) (I’m gonna stop now.)


Okay whatever sorry if I forget you here we go

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I think this might be my favourite scene in all the Pirates of the Caribbean films. I can’t decide whose reaction I like best: Davy Jones’ look of sheer pride after ruining Will’s tea, Will’s look of “For fuck’s sake, I was drinking that” as it goes flying out of his hand, or Beckett’s look of horror at the sight of wasted tea.