My dogs were going after this HUGE dude last night so I had to scoop him up for a photo shoot.  Jerusalem Crickets are enormous!  Also known as potato bugs, they live underground and he really wanted to bite me with his huge mandibles!

Lemme tell you a story about Jerusalem Crickets/Potato Bugs

For reference, this is what a potato bug looks like:

They are mostly nocturnal, and feed on dead organic matter and sometimes other bugs. They can inflict a rather painful bite if provoked.


Back when we had a garden (before my dog, who LOVES digging things up…)

I must have been 7 years old or so, and I was digging in the garden to put in some flowers.

When all of a sudden this little mound of soil near my hand started shaking.

And this little head popped out.

If the Doctor was the bug, the cake was the ground and I was Rory… This is what happened:

Then I was all:

And it was all:

Then I was all:

Keep in mind how big I was compared to the bug at the time, and you’ll see why to this day for some reason in my head Potato Bugs are like 6 inches long, when they really only get like 2.5 inches long…


Many years later, there was a full-size potato bug in my backyard, wandering around minding it’s own business.

Whereas I let bugs (even creepy ones) go about their own business, my father is more akin to….. the Hulk or something when it comes to anything multi-legged smaller than his fist.

So while my mother and sister are watching from afar like this:

My dad runs over to kill the poor thing pretty much just because he can.

(Fun fact: When there’s a spider in the house, it turns into a race between my father and I for who can get to it first. I run over with my bug catcher to take it outside, and he runs up with a wad of tissue paper to kill it. -__-)

So he stomps on it once, then removes his foot.

The thing is still alive.

He stomps on it a second time, guts spew out with a sickening crunch. He removes his foot…

The poor bug tries to crawl away, half flattened.

Kinda like this:

We all do this:

It took like 6-8 more stomps from my 230+ lb father to finish the job.

From then on, my family refers to potato bugs as “zombie bugs”

(And I still think we should have just let the poor beastie be) >_>;