sicky sickerton

i thought my allergies were just rearing up, but now i have a nice case of bronchitis that makes me want to die.

i woke up from a nap a few hours ago, and could literally shake the sweat out of my hair. after that, i had a long sit in a hot shower, hoping the steam would help. it did.

now i’m washing bed clothes, eating potato buds, drinking ice water because my throat hurts so bad. i realized that since getting sick a few days ago, i don’t think i’ve taken my anti-depressants, which is why my head also aches and i’m convinced this is THE PLAGUE TO END ALL PLAGUES. so i took my meds, and a benzo, and am going to watch more cartoons and wait to die or feel better.

send soup. and ginger. and honey.


In a saucepan mix 1 ½ c. of water, 1 t. salt, and 2 T. of butter. Bring to a boil and remove from burner. Put it in a large bowl and add ½ c. col milk, 2 c. potato bud flakes, 2 c. flour, 1 t. baking powder, and 1 egg. Once thoroughly mixed, knead for 3 - 4 minutes. Cut into 6 portions and roll each into ¾ inch snakes, and cut into ½ inch pieces. To texture, roll with a fork. Can cook immediately or freeze overnight.

Get to know me!

I was tagged by the awesome magicandsparklez ! thanks 

name: Regina (like in mean girls not a city in Canada)

nickname: Reggie, potato, bud bud, regginator (idk ho my friends came up with this)

birthday: august 26 

star sign: virgo 

height: idk but around 5 feet 

sexual orientation: heterosexual but a little confused 

favourite color: dark green

current time and date: 12:39 pm 24/5/2015

average hours of sleep: around 8

lucky numbers: 3 7 15 

last thing I googled:teen wolf season 1 pictures ( I wanted to see how much Scott changed from 1st season to 3rdXD)

first word that comes to mind: Malec 

places that makes me happy: going to cafe with my friends

how many blankets do I sleep with: 1 

favorite fictional characters: ALEC LIGHTWOOD AND MAGNUS BANE 

favorite famous person: do you tubers count? if so Emma pickles 

celebrity crush: I don’t know there real names but Derek, Scott, Issac from teen wolf

favourite book: TMI TID nightshade splintered and iron king 

favorite anime: sorry i don’t know any 

favorite tv show: the 100 teen wolf and once upon a time 

favorite musicians/bands: falllout boy, hozier

favorite games: um idk i cant think of any 

last movie I watched: well I watched narnia to c if I thought it was really stupid cuz it was my favorite movie from when I was little 

dream holiday: Idk i don’t really want to go anywhere… maybe with my friends to England 

dream job: freelanced painter 

currently wearing: black and white floral printed jumper with a leopard print cardigan and a white and black square print scarf

last book I read: unhinged 

I tag the following people: malecshipper91  satan-here lucy10513 kenilouise 3ndlessfangirl askraphaelsantiago magicandsparklez aishutal-nolienaitalia onepentowritethemall straight-xn-till-mxrning wut-a-duckie

The signs as potatoes

Aries: shit I don’t know a dead potato
Taurus: spud bud
Gemini: too many eye potato                                                                                 Cancer: sweet potato 
Leo: French fry potato
Virgo: red potato like, basically just a tomato but dry as fuck
Terezi: potato bread
Scorpio: small hard potato no one wants to eat you except the brave ones but u live so that’s pretty cool
Sagittarius: microwaved potato with butter that’s like a cloud but not cooked all the way so the middle isn’t soft so the butter just sits there not melting and it’s like no
Capricorn: mr potato head u taste like shit plastic but ur head is full of cool stuff
Aquarius: yam
Pieces: probably didn’t even grow in the dirt and never happened u hear that u don’t exist all this time you were actually a tomato


-babybel cheese (light)
-small hazelnut coffee (the Gloria Jean hazelnut k-cups are SO good)

-small hazelnut coffee
- homemade potato salad (gold potatoes + evoo + mustard + eggs + peppers + spinach + broccoli + onion)
-natures promise granola bar

-more salmon
-more potato salad
-bud light