You act like I chose this. I’m tired, I hurt emotionally, physically, mentally, and everywhere in between. This isn’t a choice, this is hell. Before you accuse me of causing my own pain, reflect back on the last time you were in pain and put yourself in my shoes.

Regardless of your inability to get anything done, being overwhelmed by fear of failure, and despite feeling beat by your illnesses that day; We should go to bed proud. Battling chronic illness is a feat within itself, fighting against it everyday proves your strength. Getting up each morning, and simply living, is an accomplishment.
If you are laying in bed chalking up the score for the day, erase it from your mind.
Because there is NOTHING easy about being sick, and you are doing an amazing job just surviving, and that in itself, is a victory in my book.

erasure of invisible disability made it so it took me four years to get a diagnosis

it made it so every time i went to the doctors office, I got asked if I liked school, if I had friends, what their names were

it made it so that even with a diagnosis I go to the ER most of the doctors still don’t understand what I have

it makes it so even though my mom has explained my diagnosis to my principle at my alternative school for people with disabilities every time I ask for a break or to lie down, he assumes its because I “didn’t sleep well enough”

it makes it so when I use accommodations made for people like me both abled and disabled people will give me dirty looks.

don’t let erasure of invisible disabilities slide