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When liberals claim the rich want to hold down the poor or make “the poor” poorer, they’re totally ignoring the fact that the rich benefit off of everyone’s prosperity, not the poor’s stagnation.  The wealthy do not become richer by someone else being poorer.  These are just erroneous postulations by economic illiterates and class warfare proponents.

The only entity that benefits off of the poor staying poor is big government, who’s politicians promise more and more handouts to perpetuate their condition rather than improve it.

It's Healthy

To love things
that don’t love you back

That don’t have time to 
love you back
That can’t love you back.
That can’t love me back because 
loving me back could be, would be,
might be, maybe will be inconvenient -

when really the inconvenience would be
to understand I’m not lovable - An unlovable thing

a bar of soap with hair on it
a cum stained sock
paper with words already covering it
a fucking brick

why a brick seems so unlovable,
I will never be able to explain - but something so stoic and completely emotionally void as a brick. A chiseled unbending figure that breaks or crumbles under any gentle attempt to sculpt it, but breaks all the same when treated rough- beaten and abused and uncared for. It will explode under either postulate.
Sort of amazing, those bricks can be. 

Markiplier pants update:

In Mark’s most recent video he stated that he was/is “Ready to get the pants scared off of [him]” which brings up two postulates

Postulate A; Mark is speaking literally and was actually wearing pants at the time of recording, Postulate B; Mark is speaking metaphorically and that his pants status at the time of filming is ambiguous

Expect an update later

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Last night my mom told me she was bringing me a “shrimp boil” with potatoes sausage and corn. so my roommate and I spent two hours postulating what a “shrimp boil” might be. It met all of our expectations

(via TYWKIWDBI (“Tai-Wiki-Widbee”): A postulated functional utility for wrinkled fingers)

From Brain, Behavior, and Evolution, a suggestion that the wrinkles induced in fingers by water serve a function similar to that of rain treads on vehicular tires.

Here we provide evidence that, rather than being an accidental side effect of wetness, wet-induced wrinkles have been selected to enhance grip in wet conditions. We show that their morphology has the signature properties of drainage networks, enabling efficient removal of water from the gripped surface..

One can immediately see that they possess the signature structure of drainage networks on convex promontories… Namely, the channel-like wrinkle depressions tend to be disconnected from one another and diverge away from one another as they get more distant from the ‘peak’ near the fingertip; the divides (or borders between the channels) are connected, forming a tree with its root near the fingertip…

Wet-induced wrinkle treads, on the other hand, are pliable, and the act of pressing a finger tip down on a wet surface ‘squeezes’ the fluid out from under the finger through the channels, and upon completion of this single pulsatile flow the entire finger’s skin contacts the surface. In addition to wet-induced finger wrinkles having the signature morphology of drainage networks,the time scale at which they appear (around 5 min) [Cales and Weber, 1997] is plausibly appropriate for natural wet conditions; it is fast enough to be relevant for dew or rainy conditions but not so quick that casual contact with water (like when eating fruit) will elicit it.

We live entirely, especially if we are writers, by the imposition of a narrative line upon disparate images, by the ‘ideas’ with which we have learned to freeze the shifting phantasmagoria which is our actual experience.

Or at least we do for a while.


Joan Didion, The White Album

I just reread this essay, and I think it’s an important one for writers to read—not to be better writers, I think, but to be better humans outside of our writing. I definitely fall victim to the need to narrativize things that happen in my life, to want to say x happened because of y because of z. And yes, life is a series of chain reactions, of “fate” or whatever you want to call it splitting off like branches on a tree because of the decisions we make. But it doesn’t all have to make sense; it doesn’t have to tie up neatly. If there’s a gun on the mantle in the proverbial first act of my life, it doesn’t have to go off in the third.

I’m having a hard time with this concept right now, given how certain negative past actions of mine are resurfacing in what seems like a karmic rage, but we—I—need to remember that life is fucking random. Dwelling on the past events that lead to our current situation is, a lot of the time, useless. I know it can sound trite, but if life is a non-narrative, there’s only moving forward.

Kyousougiga Official Media Masterpost

Okay, so, this is mostly for my own reference because my memory’s not the most reliable machine, but hopefully others will find it useful too.

In order of release:

2011 - Original net animation - now repackaged as Episode 0 of the 2013 series

2012 - Manga - 4 chapters, dropped

2012 - OVA series - 5 short episodes expanding on scenes within the ONA

2013 - Full series (1080p stream @CR, ddl @AT) - 13 episodes, of which 6 have now aired; a more thorough remake of the ONA and OVAs, not a continuation

These do disagree with each other on some major plot points. The manner of Koto’s arrival in Mirror City and how she came by her magical hammer come to mind, but there are others too. Where they conflict, I’d go with the 2013 series as the final arbiter of canon, as it’s basically the final product the earlier versions were working up to.


An axiom, or postulate, is a premise or starting point of reasoning. As classically conceived, an axiom is a premise so evident as to be accepted as true without controversy.

The word comes from the Greek ἀξίωμα ‘that which is thought worthy or fit,’ or ‘that which commends itself as evident.

Axioms define and delimit the realm of analysis; the relative truth of an axiom is taken for granted within the particular domain of analysis, and serves as a starting point for deducing and inferring other relative truths.

allonsyforever said:

I love seeing all this speculation that Coming Out Day is Coming Soon but I saw that one post postulating that they'd be out before Christmas, before OTRA, but I'm doubtful - someone made this point a while ago but I can't find the post: Some of the countries they're visiting are not LBGTQIA+ friendly (for example, the UAE, where, I quote Wikipedia, "Sexual relations outside of a traditional, heterosexual marriage are a crime"). I'm sure they have to take things like that into (1/2)

(2/2) consideration. Not sure where that leaves us. I’m torn, since I agree that coming out post-WWA, pre-new album may be their best bet at the moment, but at the same time there are certainly risks for them to weigh. I guess that, as usual, we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.


I don’t see those countries as a hard obstacle—plenty of lgbt artists have played in them before. Fans want to see them, they’ll pretend it’s not there.

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