I’ve finally started working!!  I know that ID card looks totally weird - I just blurred out any identifying info including the hospital name, which turned out to be most of the info on it :)

So the result of me finally starting to work is that I am exhausted and busy (surprise!) and that means that I have to stop posting quite so much.  Each of the answers I write to you all take a lot of time and energy, and though I love doing it, it really is draining.

Things are kind of wild for me right now - I moved to a new city/state, I started a new full time job, my husband has left for another country for his work for 9 months….and so on and so forth.  I’m not making excuses, cause I love this blog, I’m just explain why I need to slow down a bit.

Don’t worry though, friends, I’m not leaving or anything silly like that.  I’m just slowing down to 2-3 posts a day from 6.  I’ll still open the box on Sundays, but that means that your question is less likely to get answered.  To avoid not getting the important information that you need, please please read through the FAQ before you ask any question or just search a little through the tags.  You’d be surprised at how many repeat questions I get.

Ok my beloveds!  Wish me luck at work!!

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anonymous asked:

Im starting to do Dan and Phil fan art. Any tips? :3 <3

Thanks so much for asking! It really depends on what style you plan on doing, but here are a few basics:

for digital art (or cartoon/original style)

  • get to know your drawing program really well, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new things!
  • Personally, I think sai is probably the best to use and easiest to start out with, (you can download it here for PC!) although there are so many programs out there and everyone is different so it’s fine to use what works for you :)
  • (make sure you have pen pressure working on your tablet)
  • use layers - I know that’s what everyone says, but it can help out so much, especially in doing cool things with highlights and shadows!
  • here is a really useful tutorial in colouring and using layers!!
  • sometimes if you’re finding it hard getting the proportions of bodies right, it’s easier to sketch it out on paper, and then take a photo or scan it and use that as a guide in your drawing program!
  • if you’re drawing a digital (non realistic) style drawing, it doesn’t have to be identical to what they look like in real life! in fact, it will probably be better if you let your own style shine through, so don’t be afraid to be yourself :)

for traditional drawings (or copying photos / doing accurate things)

  • start out with a sketchy outline - even if you don’t want it to have an outline in the end, this is just to get it all drawn out lightly
  • make sure the outline is right before you start any shading, as once you start that part it’s a lot harder to go back!
  • if you are right handed start on the left, and if you are left handed start on the right! you don’t want to smudge your drawing!! if you tend to rest your hand on the paper as you draw, try to keep a scrap piece of paper underneath it so you don’t smudge anything
  • when you’re doing eyes, remember to include light bits!! little reflections in the iris and pupils make them look so much more realistic!
  • Practice! - nobody starts out perfect, so don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t quite turn out as you want it to. If there is something you know you could improve at, find reference pictures and keep practicing :)


  • With any art, it’s important to have fun!!
  • make sure you challenge yourself and try new things - after mastering one skill, try to move up to the next one! sometimes it will take hard work, but that is all vital practice and will pay off :)
  • it’s a good idea to have a cute, funny or original idea behind the drawing, that way people can relate to it a lot more easily - often the actual picture doesn’t need to be too complex, but just enough to get your great ideas across ^_^
  • if you’re worried about something, try and get feedback from other people so you can find out what to improve on
  • if it really isn’t working out, try going away for a bit and coming back - sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective
  • I find it really helpful to watch youtube videos of people doing drawings, both digital and traditional,  just to pick up techniques and see how things are done.
  • if you look through the art tags on our navigation, we’ve reblogged a few posts that you might find useful too! :)


  • tag your drawings in the phanart, danisnotonfire, and amazingphil tags, that way more people will see your picture! (don’t spam the tags though)
  • you should probably sign your work somewhere, either with your url or name or signature :)
  • if you want us to reblog your artwork, just ask us! (nobody has to know)
  • have a link on your blog to your art, so that people can find it easily!

I hope this helps out a bit, if there are any specific things you are wondering about don’t be afraid to ask!

- Carolyn :) (dlester)