In the July issue of NyanType, Satelight released official art of Nagato Yuki-Chan No Shoushitsu’s  Yuki relaxing by the pool with her PSP. This issue of NyanType can be purchased here.

There is a possibility that Satelight made this visual to reference the original series, The Melancholy ……

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Thanks to all who downloaded my first two CCs for The Sims 4! As a newcomer to TS4 modding I really appreciate the amount of downloads they got. I also just got my first four followers and that’s very cool to me thank you all.

Anyways… here’s my first attempt at making wall decor (posters) for TS4. All poster designs are 100% my own, I made them in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Each poster has a unique background while maintaining the grungy texture as well. The second poster pack is coming very soon too so look out for that. The pack has a total of 10 posters, featuring DC character (Mainly Batman Characters) Hope you all like them. And thanks for the view, ENJOY!