New TFA posters!  Via Tim Veekhoven on Twitter.

Things to note:

- The chrome trooper wearing the cape(!) is almost assuredly Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma

- First look at the flame-throwing stormtroopers! (FUN)

- Much better look at the detail on Kylo Ren’s mask and costume

- That Imperial Shuttle looks like an evolved version of the Lamdba-class shuttle from RotJ

- TIE fighters!  Looking pretty much the same!

- The symbol in top right of the second poster is intriguing.  It’s similar to the Imperial symbol - maybe a newer version of that?

- These (especially the top one) kind of look like Drew Struzan’s work.  There were rumors he’d be back.  And even if these aren’t his, they’re reminiscent of his style.

SO EXCITING.  And much more will be coming too!