Showing up at St. Bart’s lab was nothing out of the ordinary for Sherlock Holmes but today when he arrived he was shocked to see Molly Hopper kissing a tall lean gentleman. 

Sherlock was taken back at the scene in front of him. Secretly he always had a bit of feelings for Molly and was a bit hurt to see her in the arms of another. Chris Malone (portrayed by Tom Hiddleston) had won the heart of Molly before Sherlock got the chance to express his feelings for the pathologist. Will Sherlock be able to change her mind and is Chris really the upstanding lawyer he claims to be.

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Austin to Boston

5 old VW camper vans. 4 bands. 3 thousand miles. 2 weeks. 1 gloriously backwards tour. The adventure starts after a fire-fuelled final night at Austin’s SXSW Music Festival, where the bands (Ben Howard, The Staves, Nathaniel Rateliff, Bear’s Den) pile into their rides and head northeast. They play everywhere from bars to barns, rooms to rooftops, packing out tiny venues and wowing crowds with their unique sounds. But heavy rainstorms, multiple breakdowns, and cramped conditions remind them that to push through sometimes you need to pull together. Featuring Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett and narrated by Gill Landry this documentary is about a modern tour, done the old fashioned way.

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