I was feeling weird about drawing these days so I bought a new (cheap) sketchbook, got all my old forgotten color pencils and bic pens and started just drawing whatever the hell I wanted

which proved to be a lot of cute people.

And it got me thinking, this is what I enjoy drawing, you know? But I’ve been feeling I should work on more serious art, build a portfolio, finish some more complicated drawings, learn things. But stressing over that was making me really stiff and anxious over drawing and that’s the worst thing that could happen to me, cause art is my safe space and if I lose that… what’s the point??

I don’t know what I’m trying to say, just… that “draw what makes your heart do the smiley emote" thing really does work and it’s great

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The difference between the season 8 & 9 finales of Supernatural.

fuck it. literally fuck everything that’s going on in my pathetic life right now. I keep trying to write something poetic for this but I just don’t even have it in me. so just fuck it.