Life's Alright
  • Life's Alright
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I’m finally working on the third Mountaineer! album, and I’m cranking up the production value for a change. Here is the first song.

If you haven’t heard any of my other stuff, you can find it all here and then possibly give me your money.

Life’s Alright

You found it too slow, the life
The wait and the thaw
To sharpen your knife
And tighten your gauze

But now the room seems so small
Your clothes, they won’t fit
Thumbtacks in the wall
A twin bed you’ll miss

You never learned how to fight
You pick the phone up at night
You use the same line that
Life’s alright, and you’re okay

“Life’s alright, and I’m okay.”

But it’s fine, some will say
That in time, you’ll have your way