&my Chinese new year //2011

LOL, this is so late, but I suppose I’ve been busy and lazy and whatnot. ]: Regardless, regardless. I decided on going to school this year because everyone else was going even though that’s a pretty shit reason to go to school. ;/

Anyways, the day before New Year, I planned on going home after school and that’s when my dad called and said that he’ll be able to come and pick me up.

WHEN HE PULLED UP, my aunt from Chinatown was in the car, too. NO WONDER. >:l Well, w/e idc enough to be mad about that. So I went home and my mom had this whole big dinner semi-prepared. She did a bunch of religious things while I remained forever-alone downstairs on the computer for homework. .___. My aunt speaks so loudly. x_x Aaah, at about 6, we finally got to eat.

All in all, it was pretty meh. I remember being really sleepy. To be honest, I’ve been really sleepy all week.

Well, my schedule is pretty lonely. .____.

First Period - Free, Emma.

Second Period - English with Fusaro, Chi Chiu, Binbin; BUT SHE SITS ALL THE WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM, Jinny, and Emily.

Third Period - Russian with Dobry, with Erin <3, Monica, JanYing, Patrick L., and Dong. LOL, on the first day, Erin and I picked seats next to each other and then Dobry made us get up so that she could seat us alphabetically. LOOOL, WE STILL ENDED UP NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Moments later, she realized that she forgot to place Karen so she made EVERYONE get up so that Karen could get a seat. We all got shifted down one and I was still next to Erin. Decided that fate could not resist our bond.

Fourth Period - VB Gym: Melodie, Lyanne, Emma, Jessie, Keith, Elizabeth, David, Wilson, Andrew, Ira, Clifford, and Johann. I don’t think I forgot anyone. o_o It’s actually a lot less intimidating here compared to my previous 7th period VB gym.

Fifth Period - APGlobal with Palma, YO, THERE IS NO ONE HERE. I’M LEGIT FOREVER ALONE. There’s about 25ish kids in the class and the schedule gods refused to place me in an AP class with friends once more.

Sixth Period - Lunch: Lyanne, Jessie, Jamie, Amy, Neriel, Sharon, Gary, Johann and Daniel. Really quiet, really lonely. It’s not as bad as having 4th period lunch though ;/ Next week, we’re going to go to VB tutoring instead of lunch. So, yah. LOL.

Seventh Period - Trigonometry with Perper, Jamie (SITS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROOM), Julie, Martin. IT’S A BIG ROOM. IT’S DARK. IT’S PRETTY WARM. I SIT IN THE BACK. So hard to stay awake. Jamie and I observed how no one smiles when they walk out of Perper’s classroom.

Eighth Period - Chemistry with Fertoli, Olivia, KaeLin, Sasha, Binbin. CAN I JUST SAY THAT I LOVE THIS LADY? 

Ninth Period - CAD with Mazza, ahaha. David and I ended up next to each other again. He arranged us alphabetically :]. Uh, otherwise, I have Gary, Sharon, Reylyn, Monica, Patrick L., and Elizabeth. The people all around me a pretty friendly, so yah. :]

GENERALLY, the schedule gods were pleased with me. ;/

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