Meet the characters and A sample of one of Stross’ Inventions.

Though it’s not all complete, Better show proof that I been working on it eh?

Stross is the Bossman of the facility, A born Genius  with big ideas, and BIG goals. He’s Got a German-ish accent along with a light speech pediment. But still understandable, also he had made many deals by a man who has “wolfgang" in his name, mostly goes by Deimos  [ proxydeimos ] and still does today. Stross depends strongly on his tech for self defense, and depends on his top notch engineer issac [ the-evolved-hero ]

Alissa, Stross’ Adopted daughter,  Takes after her father in many ways except that they are not blood related, Also obtained a special gift to emit enough Radioactivity to leave behind an elephant’s foot. She has a suit to specialize on her special gift, She owns a suit called “Prancing Mantis" She is also known to have mastered the black-belt and self defense. So she is no pushover damsel.

Rojo, Not only is he the leader of the facility’s defense team, but He’s also a man whore. and to top it all off, one of his biggest goals is to have an open relation with a harem. But that doesn’t mean he’s obnoxious, He’s a nice man who can be a real charmer. however with his flirty, cocky attitude, it could irritate one who does not like being hit on. Alissa would know. You can ether see him using “Bad Dad" suit or his own "Thor’s hammer

Jericho, Rojo’s little witty brother who’s always on his toes even if he is missing a leg. Jericho is the leader of the scout team and He’s always making sure his men is at top notch, Even if their performance has been amplified by the superhuman serum. Jericho is one of the few who refuses to take it, and instead wears a suit called “Dashing devil

fun Fact; These people originated from a futuristic planet that faced an Radioactive apocalyptic downfall. TWICE. These are some of the few survives from the second downfall. who managed to Escape through the Rift [AKA the Multiverse dimensional portal or MDP] There are people scatted about who are from their world, trying to find their way back to Stross and the rest.

There are also people who originated from other worlds AND Alternate universes. There is a few working in the facility currently, but who they are will be revealed when the blog is finished rebooting…

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