Those brooklyn nights set us free !


Selena Gomez Versace dresses pt I
Which one di you prefer ?

The smarty look is one of my favorite so far …

Big Bang: releases dates for World Tour
IVIPs: omg, they are coming to my country!!!
Big Bang: holds concerts in Seoul and Asia
IVIPs: I hope they come to my country, it’s a world tour right?
Big Bang: insists is a world tour and goes to U.S.A
IVIPs: omg, omg, omgggg they’re near, they’re near…
Big Bang: wraps up world tour and misses Europe, Africa, the Carebbean, Oceania, Latin America, the Middle East, Scandinavia…
IVIPs: …
Big Bang: …..
IVIPs: omg
Big Bang: releases DVDs with world tour concerts
IVIPs: what a time to be alive!
Big Bang: still unaware of what a world tour really means
Big Bang: too rich to care
IVIPs: too busy gifing to care
YG: everyone’s happy!


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Have you noticed guy’s fingers ?! 😱 They are so long 😂 !
Stay smart, stay classy !

'The Big Bang Theory' Daily Instagrams & Tweets - Apr 1, 2015

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Daily Instagrams & Tweets – Apr 1, 2015

1 Apr 2015

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