Untitled #41 by idealistic featuring a blue dress

Blue dress / Oasis fit and flare dress, $32 / Blue dress, $24 / JustFabulous platform stiletto / Special occasion shoes / Fossil jewelry / Haskell stretch bracelet / Monsoon bib statement necklace / C. Wonder 14k earrings / Bracelet bangle, $22 / BaubleBar post earrings / Charlotte Russe long necklace / Topshop shimmer eyeshadow, $19 / Tom Ford perfume fragrance, $535 / Lip care / Eos lip treatment, $9.72 / Forever 21 glitter nail polish

Week 7 Challenge: Write What You Want

So while Week 6 works are still coming in…we thought we should get started on Week 7.

Now that we’ve challenged ourselves to step outside our boxes a little, don’t we deserve a nice reward?

Week 7 will be Write What You Want Week aka. Make Someone’s Day Week.

Here’s how it works: On anon (or not!) submit a prompt for something you’ve wanted to see in fandom/fic that hasn’t been written yet or that you want more of. (popular posts recently suggested: Garak and O’Brien being forced to work together to help Bashir,  more Keiko!,  more trans Damar etc.) Here’s your chance to throw your secret and not-so-secret wishes into the hat. Prompts will be posted to the comm and your mission for Week 7 is going to be to pick one of the prompts and give whoever posted it an ear to ear grin!

The prompt acceptance period starts…now! (and ends Sun Oct 5)