“Sometimes The Wrong Train Will Get You To The Right Station”

I’m relived and happy that I finally have a proper job, which will be a 13/24 hours, 6/7 days typical seasonal job for young aspiring Italian-emigrants in Germany: ice-cream dealer. there is also some bitterness in leaving my place, if only for 5 months, or maybe more. but this might come along with having a perspective for your life. I will be changing some trains just few hours after my show in Berlin next Sunday, and I hope to take the right ones. most importantly, I can feel a sense of dignity in having now a real job. I hope and wish you all to never underestimate the importance of having an occupation, no matter how demanding or deminishing it might seem.

to some more practical maters: I will put on hold all physical items’ sales from my band camp page. I look forward to bring them back by next October. but since I will be carrying with me all my gear from the Berlin gig, there’s the chance I’ll be sketching new music abroad on my free days, and publish new (digital only) material. nonetheless, some physical surprises will arrive anyway. all best and much love, from North-East Italy to North-West Germany. the volume settings folder.