Monet at Vétheuil (86)
Joie de peindre
Monet must have enjoyed immensely painting his garden flowers in Vétheuil. Look at those colours and the dynamic touches.
Behind the flowerbeds, we can see the Seine curving to the right behind the island of Saint-Martin-la-Garenne. 

Claude Monet, Massifs de fleurs à Vétheuil (Flowerbeds at Vétheuil), 1881. Oil on canvas, 92,1 x 73,3 cm. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA, USA (plus detail)

Scan - George, Olivia and Dhani Harrison, August 1978; scanned from LIFE Reunion Special (1995).

Photo: Jean Claude Volpeliere/Camera Press

“[Remarrying and having a child has] been a wonderful thing for me. Everybody who has a baby thinks their child is wonderful, and it is. […]
I stay home and dig - not so much with a spade - but I dig the garden, putting trees in. I like gardens; I like the pleasure they give you. It’s like a meditation in a way - you can get everything out of your mind groveling in the soil! I spend a lot of time with the wife and the baby.” - George Harrison, Rolling Stone, 19 April 1979

the natural houses of each sign
  • I-aries:house of self (identity)
  • II-taurus:house of material possessions
  • III-gemini:house of communications
  • IV-cancer:house of domestic affairs
  • V-leo:house of pleasure
  • VI-virgo:house of health & services
  • VII-libra:house of partnerships
  • VIII-scorpio:house of others possessions
  • IX-sagittarius:house of higher mind
  • X-capricorn:house of carrer and public image
  • XI-aquarius:house of social activities
  • XII-pisces:house of illusion
Regan & Sky's house - April 18th, 2:20pm

“How’s B doing?”

“Overly excited. Her and Cole have finally finished moving into their new place.”

“They’re so cute. That’s good. And your mom?”


“Don’t play dumb Re, that was never your strong suit. You know who your mother is. The woman who gave birth to you.”

Even a blind person could see how strained Regan and her mother’s relationship was at this point. They used to be best friends, but once Regan came to terms with who she was, her mother pretty much disowned her. It wasn’t hard for her mother to accept her lifestyle, she just didn’t want to.

“The woman who gave birth to me refuses to acknowledge having a Lesbian for a daughter, so as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a mother.”

ginerva weasley potter, you were named after the bravest person i knew. it’s your mother. she’s awesome.

Scandal is about Olivia Pope. So I’m not going to go into a debate about what character should or shouldn’t be on the show. Everyone is going to have their opinions. Anyway, with Jake’s life hanging in balance I’ve been reflecting on his time on the show and how his character being on the show is for Olivia Pope. You know the main character? So he’s there because he’s apart of her story. I would like for him to be a permanent part. I rarely write text post because I have so many thoughts in my head I can’t write them down coherently. So bare with me. I’ll put this under a read more because it’s a long post. It’s mostly just gifs and quotes to back up what I’m trying to say.

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BMP: Butlers Angst Quote

Claude: Since when you become a habit? Something that I look forward seeing as I open my eyes every morning. I wasn’t aware how it happened. I wasn’t planning. I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t even sure if what I feel is what I think it is because it scared me.

Alberto: How many times a heart can break because mine breaks again and again every single time without failing when I see the love you have for him in your eyes.

Louis: How cruel fate is for making our paths intersect and asked me to choose if I would abandon my master or extinguish my love for you.

Jan: You said that we’re all entitled to our happiness. But what if it comes at another person’s expenses? Someone I so respect and love.

Yuu: How can one day change the course of your life completely when I was the first to meet you?

Luke: To get one kiss from your lips and one night in your embrace, I will sacrifice everything.

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Possession AU

First off, good luck with your finals! Gonna take a stab at something other than clones (for now lol). Simply put, this is an AU where Tadashi’s spirit possesses Hiro’s body. I don’t have a story quite written out, so hopefully these notes and questions will suffice:

  • I’m thinking that this AU should take place after the movie. Tadashi’s spirit is dormant until he wakes up (like a coma).
  • Is Tadashi a vengeful spirit because he had an agonizing death in the fire? Or is he simply trapped in Hiro’s body because the explosion flung his spirit into Hiro?
  • Tadashi isn’t aware that he is controlling Hiro’s body, although he does note that everything seems a little taller than he thought and his voice seems a little off. Then he passes a mirror…and promptly freaks the hell out lol.
  • While in control of Hiro’s body, he does things, such as cleaning Hiro’s room, organizing his notes, doing his chores (willingly and without complaint, to the surprise of Cass), makes sure that Hiro eats all his fruits and vegetables (also to the surprise of Cass), and makes Hiro the most gentlemanly waiter/employee at the cafe (again to the surprise of Cass)
  • The times that Tadashi is in control is brief and temporary. Hiro has no clue as to what is happening and wakes up in places that he doesn’t remember falling asleep in.Eventually he becomes aware that he is awake and not in control of his body…and also promptly freaks the hell out lol. 
  • At first the rest of the team thinks that Hiro is acting like Tadashi as a sort of coping mechanism. Baymax however detects Hiro’s brainwaves closely matching Tadashi’s.
  • The brothers pass control of the body back and forth between them. However, Tadashi can forcefully take control, such as when he finds out about their crime fighting activities (“No Hiro! That’s too dangerous!” “Tadashi! Let me go!”). Queue everyone else being weirded out lol.
  • Aunt Cass becomes concerned about “Hiro’s” behavior and thinks he might be developing some kind of disorder (such as split-personality). She then gets a psychologist/therapist to help Hiro. Psychologist is completely baffled by the behavior, can’t find a way to treat his/her new patient, takes a leave of absence, and admits him/herself to a psychologist lol. 

That’s all I have for now! Enjoy!

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(Oooh, I do love me some ghost AUs! And yeah, Tadashi would totally freak out at first, but then just shrug and decide to use his new situation to protect and care for Hiro because that’s his job, whether he’s still alive or not.

Hiro is BEYOND annoyed because now when Tadashi wants him to do something healthy, he can just make Hiro’s body do it! He can’t rebel anymore! Dangit Tadashi! Let him eat his gummies!

I think they’d also run into all kinds of trouble when they realize Tadashi can’t leave and they’re stuck together…)