So I had this project sitting around for a while… Got it all together and went to put oil in it and kick it over. Super hard to kick so took it apart and low and behold it was full of NASTY ASS rusty oil-ish. Took it apart, cleaned it really good, flushed it, wiped everything down… Got new gaskets and cleaned everything really good then put it all back together. Got it to the point where I was going to do my timing and try and start it then when I went to take my spark plug out the entire threads/coil shot out of the hole! Took it all apart again and took the front head to the machinist to get it fixed… Should be ready tomorrow. Costing me $250 to fix a fuckin spark plug hole… Like this had to have been the shabby work of someone in the 80’s or 90’s cuz the motor is a 74’. Being haunted by the chopper ghost I think. He always steals my nuts n bolts they literally disappear🔮 and one night listen to this shit.
My friend had one of those harbor freight red voltmeters and at first it was flickering on and off and flashing zeros.. He turned it off and turned it back on and hit it on the side.. Still zeros on my bike. He tested the leads on his bike and was reading about 12.7-13 so we were like wtf… Bad ground maybe?? So we sanded my frame a little and when he hooked the meter back up THE READING FROM MY BIKE WAS FLASHING .666 and 1.666 on the screen flashing fast back and forth on the screen so we were laughing and tripping out for a minute like WTF?!? then he shut it off and turned it back on… It read 12+. I dunno man… I dunno

Once again the awful wonderful Janaxiv got me into some headcanon-shit through our rp. And now I love the possession AU because of her. Great. It’s obligatory that I do Archie next, isn’t it. Well anyway, nice colour practice, tried a different approach than usual and it was a much better workflow so yay me! - also not really hardenshipping but tagging it as such anyway cuz it’s basically from the roleplay which is hardenshipping… otherwise sue me.

Awful lovely rp-buddy Janaxiv—> http://janaxiv.tumblr.com/

Also idk who made the possession idea first so if anyone knows please tell me so I can credit that person for their lovely idea!