GQ EXCLUSIVE: The Secrets and Lies of Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno's final season began with wins—lots of them—and for a while it seemed as if he might retire at the top of his sport, an unblemished icon. It ended with TV cameras surrounding his house, a dying old man at his kitchen table writing a forced letter of resignation—and leaving the rest of us to wonder if we ever really knew Joe Pa at all. Our exclusive excerpt from a new biography:

"Dad," he asked his father again, "did you know anything about Sandusky?"

"Other than the thing Mike told me, no," Joe answered.

"Nothing? No rumors? The coaches never talked about it?"

"No. I don’t listen to rumors. Nothing."

"Dad, this is really important. If there is anything you heard…"

"I didn’t hear anything, why are you badgering me? What do I know about Jerry Sandusky? I’ve got Nebraska to think about, I can’t worry about this." Nebraska was the next game.

"I had to do everything I could to not cry right then," Scott recalled.

"But the more hockey you watch, it’s true, the more the game slows down. You start to notice patterns. You start to sense what is a real goal scoring threat and what isn’t. You start to sense what makes a great save and what looks tough but is actually routine. You start to appreciate the skill it takes to receive a pass in traffic or to win a face off or to go into the corner and get the puck loose. You start to see the battles within the battle – the struggle to keep the puck in the zone (or get it out), the effort to get the puck out in front of the net, the need to send messages with hard checks that are meant to cause trepidation for a time to be named later.

And, slowly but surely, the real game comes into focus.”

— Joe Posnanski (x)

I'm not sure how well this English Comp assignment is going to go for me...

I have to read two articles about weight loss and give a thesis statement for each, pick one and talk for a few sentience about how their article supported their view or not. Now I know what I think is going on in each even though it’s not explicitly stated as such, you see the first article written by Russell talks about how losing a great deal of weight won’t turn your life into a fairy tale and the ways the lose skin can post a hardship the and the second is a kind of rebuttal to that written by Posnanski about how that the lose skin does’t matter and how the author of the first article was focused on the wrong thing. These are kind of the points I’ve seen the other students post in the discussion board but there is one thing that no one has addressed.

Russell is a woman, Posnanski is a man.

When I read these articles I see far more than everyone else is, I’m seeing a crystal clear example of societal gender bias. And as far as critiquing Ms. Russell, Mr Posnanski is completely wrong in his assumption because he is looking at it as if all things were equil and it was pretty clear that Ms. Russell was writing from a woman’s point of view and writing for women. While men do have unrealistic body expectation, it’s no where near what women face. If I write this critique I have no idea how this is going to go over, for all I know my professor my think I’m missing the point. Part of me wants to play it safe but the rest of me not so much. 

I want to have this done before I go to bed so any suggestions? I know I have a few teachers following me and any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Al Pacino and Brian De Palma's 'Happy Valley' Casts its Jerry Sandusky

Al Pacino and Brian De Palma’s ‘Happy Valley’ Casts its Jerry Sandusky

It looks like John Carroll Lynch will be playing one of the biggest monsters in recent years for Brian De Palma in ‘Happy Valley’, the story about the Penn State sex abuse scandal of Jerry Sandusky.

Lynch is a veteran character actor whose name may not be familiar but his face surely is, having appeared in Fincher’s Zodiac, Fargo, Shutter Island and a long run as Drew Carey’s cross-dressing…

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My English Comp Discussion Entry

The Catch 22

I struggled weather I should post this as I’ve originally written it or to rewrite it to fit better with what I’ve seen everyone else write. I’ve decided to plant my feet and let my original opinions stand. The truth is I’m not seeing these articles in the same way as everyone else is. I admit I haven’t read much past the previews but I’m guessing my take is going to be different. It’s also the truth. So Mr. Browning, this may not be what you’re looking for but I’ve got to just tell it like I see it.

Russell: Women need to understand that losing a lot of weight will not make your life perfect and you will still have to deal with personal and societal body issues.

Posnanski: Mr. Russell is saying that no one can love their body because of the extra skin left behind after extreme weight loss and since I do she’s wrong.

I was originally going to analyze Mr. Russell’s but  I can’t because he missed the point of Ms. Russell’s article, and quite spectacularly I’d like to add. Instead I’ll be focusing on Ms. Russell’s article.

Women are taught at an early age that thin is healthy but more importantly desirable. Ms. Russell speaks of the ‘fairy tale’ that is used to condition women, the idea that you must be attractive to be of any real worth and even though the fat is gone, the extra skin remains and is still causes a problem because it’s deemed unattractive. She points out how much we as a society place on appearance and because of our body prejudices we have over anyone who is not considered as having the right kind of body. She talks about how she still struggles with clothing, but this time to camouflage her loose skin and how prospective partners have been run away because of it. She also points out how the surgery to remove the excess skin is considered cosmetic and therefore unnecessary while it does post a set of health problems that she has to deal with on a daily basis She also talks about the fact that she is happy that the weight is gone but the aftermath does have issues because of the standards we’ve set as a society for women’s appearance. Simply put, she doesn’t like what she sees because society tells her it’s unattractive and I think her article illustrates that quite well.

Well, that’s it, here are the articles in question if you guys want to read them.