Dear Kingsman fandom,

This is your reminder that no matter what you ship, you’re welcome in this fandom and we love you!!

Do you ship Roxy and Merlin? Hell yeah that’s hot!

Do you ship Charlie and Eggsy? Fuck yes it’s awesome!

Do you ship Harry and Merlin? Yesss we’ll take three of those!

Do you ship Gazelle and Roxy? Oh yeah fuck us up it’s good!

Do you ship Eggsy and Harry? Heeeeck yes we love it!

Do you ship Percival and James Lancelot? Aww yisssssss!

Do you ship Merlin and Eggsy? Hell to the yes it’s great!

Do you ship Roxy and Eggsy? Yes it’s amazing!

Do you ship an OT3? More love to go around!

Do you ship something not listed here? Fuck yeah that’s really spectacular too!!

No matter what you ship - or if you don’t ship anything at all! - you’re always welcome in the Kingsman fandom family and we’re very happy to have you here!!


Sir Pudgington the Toad!!!

Pudge, the optimistic one-legged toad has come so far on his journey!

Pudge is working on a project and needs his fan’s help. Any fanmail, props, drawings, letters, even a small picture of your face can be sent here:

Sir Pudgington Toad

P.O. Box 11111

Jacksonville, Florida 32239

Follow Pudge on Twitter and check out his Instagram. Pudge also has Stickers for sale and a Partnership with shopinuinu where he will be featured as a character, along wit having his own shirts and other merch out!

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i am honestly so happy that selfies exist. the person who took the picture had enough confidence in themselves and bravery (whether they’d like to admit it or not) to post that picture onto the internet – a place where anonymous grains of salt sprinkle themselves all over the cutest cupcakes and salty cupcakes aren’t good!! don’t let them salt you and your beautiful attitude and wonderful selfie u perfect cupcake, keep posting selfies