It’s a modern day tragedy tbh;
Right?? Health perks and it tastes like Jesus himself came to earth to make it where is the down side??

Harley!! My little noodle oh goodness he is so dumb and so sweet

And yeah, Woohyun made that pose for a photoshoot and I found a better use for it~
Absolutely! Just gotta find a good hat. I already have an idea for Woohyun’s new location too

positivecolors asked:

Hey!! How was your bday? Week and so far weekend? I love your new beanie icon and Omgosh INFINITE H !!!!!!

My birthday was great! As was my week, and so far my weekend has been good! How was/is yours?
Aww thanks! I only ever intended to do the Santa hat one I had for Christmas but now I keep changing his hat and my Woohyun header depending on the season/holiday and it’s fun~

RIGHT?? I love the teaser so much they’re so dumb I am so excited~

positivecolors asked:

Hi!! My name is Deontrinese. My favorite colors are cotton candy pink and teal, I don't think I have a favorite ship I just like whoever is cute together lol. I'm lactose torrential so I can't enjoy ice to really have a fav flavor lmao! I don't have a pet yet, but whenever I get one its going to be a teacup pig and I will name it Kiwi. I hope we can be good friends!

Hey! I see you in my notes all the time I can’t believe I haven’t said hi yet???
That’s such a rad name omg. I love it~

That’s more or less the same with me and shipping. Like I have my OTPs which are like…diehard but really for me to ship something they just gotta be cute together.

You poor thing;; tell ya what, I’ll eat extra ice cream for you. I got your back.

Teacup pigs are so cute though…. My sister wanted one for the longest time - and Kiwi is such a perfect name for one oh my goodness that is precious.