Minimalistic portraits with a natural touch by Peony Yip

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Peony Yip (also known under her pseudonym ‘The White Deer’) is an illustrator living and working in Hong Kong. In her work Peony combines beautifully drawn portraits of women (just look at the hair!) with natural elements like flowers, insects and animals. Peony often adds digital elements to her hand-drawn work: the stern shapes and lines compliment the minimalistic, clean aesthetic of her drawings perfectly.


"Where he’s from is where I’m from.

We are Africa.

My name is Tsoku II and I enjoy working on conceptual and fine art photographs. I’ve recently started taking portraits, though. A rather unfamiliar territory. 

I’m from South Africa and my friend in the photo with me (Jesse Ebuka Okoli) is from Nigeria. Our love for photography has really made our friendship that much stronger despite being from two vastly different countries. 

We are African and that is all that matters. We don’t dress half as bad either!

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Stay inspired. 

The smarty look is one of my favorite so far …

Content, 2015 by Mel Ede.

This particular pigeon is no longer with us after sustaining an injury a couple of days after this photograph was taken. I’ve included this in the Pigeon Portraits series as it is a poignant photograph for me and is my way of paying tribute to my feathered friend. 

Special April 1st Bust Sketch Deal. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

Here’s the deal. The corresponding place in line gets a bust sketch with the corresponding price. These are going to be actual full on character sketches, I felt like I haven’t done a special event in a while so here it is, this not a trick. 

How to Order: Email me at info@kevineleventh.com with the character you’d like to commission. All characters will be drawn in my style. Single characters only. No portraits. Original Characters and existing characters ok. Paypal only. 

THE April 1st TWIST: The time you email me determines your place in line. When I receive your request email I will respond with a conformation and place in line. (Ex: Second person to email me gets 2nd place in line and pays me $2.00 etc.

A good deal because I normally charge between $15-30 for a bust sketch. BUT every slot much be filled and payed for by the end of the day (4/1/15) or else the event is a no-go. There are only 11 spots! There are special hidden incentives as the price/ place in line goes higher so look forward to that~! 

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