Capturing the Tension Between Modernity and Tradition with @raulbar

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“I usually frequent areas of economic activity—markets, neighborhoods and historic districts—where human interaction is rich,” explains Raul Barrios (@raulbar), a sociologist whose photos capture candid moments from the streets of Panama, Bolivia and other Latin American countries. “I use photography to continue to learn about and understand the complexity of societies.”

For Raul’s work, which explores how individuals interact with their larger communities, context is as important as the subject. “These spaces face an ongoing struggle between tradition and modernity,” Raul says. “I seek to portray everyday people in the spaces that convey the meaning of community in their lives, even though many of my portraits reflect feelings of loneliness and sadness.”

Karl Bryullov - Svetlana Guessing on her Future, 1836

"Svetlana" was a Romantic poem by Vasily Zhukovsky. The story is about  a girl named Svetlana, who tried to guessing her future on Christmas Eve. She used mirror and candles, like is shown on the painting ( that’s traditional Russian way of guessing).

But then - yes, we’re speaking about Romantic poem - some evil forces arose, and Svetlana sunk into the depths of folkloric nightmare.