Hard to get a picture that wasn’t shiny, but I will be excited to see this (and its wearer!) in just a month or so. Thanks, Katina, it’s always a pleasure.

Need Couch, possibly storage, Portland/Tigard OR

I’m a 27 year-old trans woman going through a serious rough patch due to lack of work (currently employed by a temp agency which has given me 5 days of work since November 20th (and I’m well aware of what that date signifies) waiting for my birth certificate to arrive at PO Box to get new ID with corrected name and gender marker that was processed in court just less than a week before everything began to go downhill, and need identity documents corrected so I can be hired by anywhere else). I’m about to have my last month in my current place and am waiting for my W-2 from the temp agency and having to figure out my medical expenses over the course of last year in order to try my best to get a refund in order to pay what I owe for February. I also have a lot of belongings that I need to put in a safe place and hope to be able to financially handle that myself as it can all fit in a 5’x6’ storage space as I’ve had to do that before. My greater plan is that once my ID and social security card are sorted out, I can work again and pay my way and intend to save up because I’m trying to move to Massachusetts to be with my best friend who is trying to be residentially independent from her family. Along with getting sorted out with my documents and work, I’m also enrolled in a few free online classes through Berklee College of Music, so I’ll be steadily occupied. I can be reached on tumblr at SkarrlettKrowsNest.tumblr.com And there are links to other places online that I can be reached at including Facebook and Skype.

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Heirloom Custom Tiny Home

Tiny Heirloom (Instagram) specialises in custom luxury homes on wheels, handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. With a total of 10+ years of team experience, Heirloom concentrates on equipping each custom build with high quality materials and fixtures, to meet even the most high-end standard of luxury.” – Designcollector

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Looking for room- Portland, OR or nearby

(I am posting this for a friend who doesn’t have a tumblr so please don’t message me- email her at squirrel_83@yahoo.com) Hello, my name is Holly. I am a 31 year old lesbian trans*girl. I am moving out to Oregon in mid February or early March (depends on how quick I find a place in Oregon), and I am looking for a safe place to live among LGBT friendly people. I am quiet, neat, and organized. I’ve been living with 2 housemates since May of 2014. They can be reached as contacts/recommendations if you are interested. My income is SSI/SSD. I always pay my rent on time. I don’t have any pets. I’m fun to be around once I come out of my shell. Well I guess that’s it. Feel free to email with any questions at squirrel_83@yahoo.com.  Take care!

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