New Video! + I'm starting a podcast!

Happy April and Happy Spring!

Annie and I recently recorded this video of us covering Lyle Lovett’s If I Had a Boat. We thought you might enjoy it. We are planning on doing more YouTube covers, so reply to this email and let me know what other songs you want us to do!

New Podcast

I’m excited to announce that I will be starting a new podcast, called The Myth of Fingerprints. I’ll interview musicians and artists from around the world (via Skype) about their stories, and play some of their music. 

I’ll be launching the podcast in May, so if you know anyone who you’d think would make a great guest, please reply to this email with suggestions!

That’s all for now. 


Portling Dialog

“You’re not half bad for a first timer…”
“Right. I bet you’ve had better though” Jeff laughed
“Not form people who just lost their virginity.”
“Mmhm… and how many virgins have you been with? Probably a billion, right?"‏
"Please, I’m not that good.”
“Right, right. A million then?”
“Hush, and anyway, they don’t compare to you.”
“Mmhm. Big talk.”

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