Meeting Jeremy Renner ...

I need to start this story by saying that there are not many people who can get me to travel interstate or across borders for the opportunity to meet them. I reserve this specifically for people (or more frequently musicians) who have had a profound impact on my life. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll either think I’m completely insane, or you’ll think I’m inspiring – it’s polarising and I’ve experienced both reactions but I still stand by my actions. They are what keep me going in life and add the occasional spark to keep me alive and excited.

Carpe Diem, you only live once people, I’ve been through a lot in my life and nearly died half a dozen times already before the age of 30 due to a variety of health problems and complications. So speaking from experience, just get out there and do it. I may go to extremes but I can honestly say I don’t regret a single second, if I DIDN’T do it that’s when I would regret it.

Also on a final note, this is an epic read, it’s three days worth of adventuring and heavily detailed. It’s basically a novella at nearly 4,000 words long, so if you’ve got a short attention span or can’t handle reading a lot, you might want to skip this altogether and just look at the pictures.

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So I survived a week at the Byron bay Falls Festival this new year. Working in the bars, camping in tents in sweltering Australian heat, drinking booze and partying late just to wake up at 6am. Stinky Portaloos and showers always with a queue, a hell of a week really!! But never the less, I still had a great New Years with great company and had an awesome experience!! Three cheers to us!!!

lol that fcking article on the guardian website about how 2 host a teenage party is so ridic like does anyone srsly want to have a party with their parents there???? hire and village hall or community centre??? waht?? like what/?? do u want ppl to come to ur kid’s party??? get a portaloo??? no one is gonna piss in a portaloo, they’d rather piss in ur garden than piss in a portaloo. a mixologist??? lol unless ur teenager is actually a 30 yr old in disguise tht is a fcking awful idea.