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Imagine Sam and Clint introduces video games to Bucky but no one thinks the violent games are a good idea to play, so they end up mostly playing stuff Minecraft, Peggle, Mario Kart, and Portal. And as it turns out, Bucky ends up being pretty good.

bucky thrashes them all at mario kart, it turns out. and since tony is a poor sport they all decide that it’s not the best game to play as a team, so sam and clint turn on minecraft. (bucky is actually SPECTACULARLY bad at minecraft, as it turns out, and tony is phenomenal, so that’s not a good game for them either.)

they turn on portal and hand bucky the controller and, wow. there’s something about the gameplay that changes bucky. mario kart makes bucky mean as hell, and minecraft makes him curse on a level higher than rage quit. but portal… portal is relaxing, for some reason.

chell’s story kind of strikes close to home, something that sam and clint both FORGOT, but bucky doesn’t react to gladOs’ caustic remarks. in actuality, he snorts, even as he solves each puzzle like it’s nobody’s business. wheately is the only thing that makes him flinch.

"dude, are you crying over the end of a video game?”

"I swear to fuck, barton, if you tell sam i will murder you in your sleep."


"god damnit, clint, i am not your kindergarten teacher, work it out yourselves."

they do. natasha comes in an hour later to thrash them both at mario kart to get bucky to shut up about minecraft.