Concrete Architecture

A team of Chilean architects has completed a new business faculty for Diego Portales University comprising a pair of concrete boxes with balconies and terraces slotted over, under and through them.

With an ambition to create structures ”with weight that speaks of permanence and stability”, the team designed a complex made up of three main blocks that are arranged around staggered terraces to follow the natural slope of the landscape.

The base of the building, designed as multi-level podium, grounds the complex. This houses public facilities and shared facilities, including the school library, an auditorium and a cafeteria.

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Psychetronic Tonic Mission Statement: 1.26.15

Here are two changes I’d like to see in the world.

The first is that I want to see people feeling really good about themselves. Just feeling really super about themselves. There is no better feeling. Than getting up in the morning and just feeling great about yourself and about your life. Being happy, ecstatic, and thankful that you are who you are.

The second thing I want to see in life is people sleeping really well.

I mean really really well. I want you to doze off into such a deep sleep that you have some of the wildest most adventurous dreams you have ever encountered in your entire life.

Dragons and portals, and crossings between our existence and another, fantasy, wealth, excitement. Meeting a favorite band member, meeting the love of your life. Reconnecting with a loved one. A dream of yourself being all that you had ever envisioned. The ability to control your dreams and dream of whatever you’d like to imagine.

I want you to doze into an extremely slumber sound sleep, and when you wake up.. to be reborn again with a new state of mind. A blank slate. A fresh start, knowing what it is you have to do.

And that is. To feel good.

I love you and love yourself.

Namaste, Psychetronic Tonic