Korra Week: Day 6 → Wisdom

"What if Avatar Wan made a mistake when he closed the portals? What if humans and spirits weren’t meant to live apart?"

Calling All Test Subjects and Portal 2 Fans!



What’s going on?

All test subjects currently or formerly testing in Sector T(umblr) of the Internet Vault are hereby invited to join the Aperture Anniversary Testing Initiative. In 2015 the Portal 2 Anniversary will take place on April 18th and 19th. This event is for all members of the Portal fandom, whether young or old, new or experienced!

What will we do?

There will be a number of contests and activities for all parts of the fandom and we will announce them over the following weeks and months. The submissions and the bulk of the competition will actually take place in the months before the anniversary, with the results and finale on the actual date. Rules for each contest will be posted with each announcement, and for some of the contests we will be offering physical prizes.

What can we do now?

In order for this all to work we need participants, contestants, and judges! This is where you guys come in. On our page you can find general descriptions of the contests and activities to come, along with some basic rules that apply to all contests. You’ll also find an applications page where you can apply right now to be one of our judges and take an active part in shaping the anniversary events. Bear in mind that contest entries will not be accepted until the contests actually are posted.

Roll up your jumpsuit sleeves and shine your longfall boots, because we have a lot in store for next year!


the future starts with you : a portal 2 fanmix ; listen.

01. The Source + The Sun - The Naked and Famous ; 02. Remind Me - Röyksopp ; 03. This - Modeselektor, Thom Yorke; 04. Clocks - Coldplay; 05. Surival - Muse; 06. Offering - Larry Stephens; 07. Staircase - Radiohead; 08. Mass No. 19 - Mozart; 09. Take a Bow - Muse; 10. Sad Machine - Porter Robinson.

MT12  Metamorphosis Track

The New Being has moved aside; we have the golden sphere and can see through it to several possibilities. Landscapes of our being through a gateway or portal.

Three possible landscapes

  • ·         an inverted calm, warm sea world
  • ·         a cold watery world

  • ·         a warm rocky world

These are my interpretations, you might see others.

We choose a gateway; it seems that we make such choices all the time, barely being conscious of that as we go through life.

I was born into a warm rocky world (Central Australian desert) but subsequently spent much time by the sea.

My portals, do you see any for yourself?

This idea of portals will be continued in the next track – the ‘Phallva’ track.

And, as it sounds, sexuality is a driver for change.


The army of darkness grows.

((Again I can’t say I never expected to get this far, (I was absurdly arrogant back when I first started), but I’d like to thank everyone who saw fit to follow my little blog stay with me. So much so I’m doing a little something different with this celebration, I’m giving you people free stuff!

I’m going to do several free commissions for, lets say six, people (that number might rise or fall based on motivation/school). I will be rolling random numbers next Friday to select winners. You will get one chance to be selected if you…

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7)No matter how many chances to win you may have you can’t win more than once.

Now with that out of the way, I’m to let you know who all is in here starting from the left and working right.

Ruby Sleet of http://askthemischievousmare.tumblr.com/ (Who I shall never draw again because them colors I just can’t.)

George of http://ask-the-tree-guard.tumblr.com/

Necklestia Celestia of http://ask-celestia-stuff.tumblr.com/ (via a mod blog that might not be a modblog anymore because it’s sorta empty but screw it I’m counting it.)

Wilson from http://thelabof-wph.tumblr.com/

Wx-78 of http://thesoullessautomaton.tumblr.com/

Paradigm (still a bit busted up) from http://ask-paradigm.tumblr.com/

Chell from http://ask-glados-laboratories.tumblr.com/

Buttercheese from http://askbuttercheese.tumblr.com/

Chell from http://askthat-portalpony.tumblr.com/ (Who I owe a big thanks to for linking me to several great blogs that I now follow/stalk secretly)

And lastly Ling from http://ask-head-over-hooves.tumblr.com/ (again via mod, shut up Ling’s cute)

And to wrap this all off, screw night scenes.))

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