I’d like to think that Chell, despite her commonplace silence, is versed in whistling.

Think of the possibilities: during one of the little “take-five” breaks Wheatley grants Chell (human fragility must’ve been penciled down somewhere on his mental laundry list of miscellaneous human facts; right under the bit about folklore, I imagine),  she begins whistling idly and a few of Aperture’s somehow-surviving bird population alight on the catwalk banister beside her. 

And Wheatley is stricken silent as he looks at her with this newfound sense of fear/awe because oh dear God, she can COMMUNICATE with those winged demons. 

another portal rant

i am forever flabbergasted that large parts of the portal fandom on here have never played either of the portal games despite them being on sale regularly on steam. i don’t care if it sounds gatekeepery, if you truly wish to be a fan of the game you should play the game—at least try to. because games are an interactive medium and just watching someone else play or listening to all the dialog by itself ignores that fact and treats it like movies or tv shows. it’s insulting to the nature of games since their strength above other mediums is the interaction with the audience. half the story is in the actual playing of the game, and if you miss that you’ve missed the game. especially with portal in particular which is so much about the player’s relationship to the game and how games interact with people in general.

Need more blogs!

I went on an unfollow spree of inactive blogs, or blogs I have no interest in anymore.

SO.. I am looking for more fandom type blogs along the lines of

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy(movie or comics)
  • Any other Video Game related stuff
  • Art Blogs

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My first sketch dump! Many of these will be colored later on I’m just waiting on a new tablet pen right now. Figured I’d post my sketches at least so that this doesn’t become a stagnant blog haha

Lorrie and I drawn somewhat like Gravity Falls

Lorrie and I (Pocket Royals)

Naruto and Sasuke playing the Naruto Shippuden Storm game

Naruto and Sasuke “The Last Movie” outfits

Backpack Boy

Realistic GlaDos from Portal

My Best friend and I

Summer Miku and Kaito

Kyle and Stan from South Park