Day 24 “Anatomy of a last minute Halloween costume” Not one of my best drawing days, but today since I found out that I can dress up for Halloween at work, I’m planning on dressing up as Chell from Portal since she’s fairly recognizable. Gotta shop this weekend #Inktober #day24 #portal2 #chell

How to practice "Listening"...

I heard that Portal’s new title “Conversion” will be coming up on 2015, but no Japanese sub………Then I should try English ver, shouldn’t I???

Sooooo I do wanna practice “Listening” English again though, how can I??

I know that talking with someone on Skype is the easiest way though, I can’t chat with ONE person since I’m afraid of being silence from my less English knowledge.

I prefer to group chatting with some people ( maybe 3-4 people? ) though, I wonder whether it is common or not. If it was common, I do surely wanna try it on Skype.

Is there someone who has interesting with chatting with me and your friends together? It’s better that you are from England or America ( since Portal character’s Accent kinda sounds British and American? I’m not sure though )

Just wondering, so feel free to tell me on ask~ 


I’m taking a tentative step towards the realm of cosplay RPing! In addition to the usual schtick, I’ll be opening my ask box to any questions geared towards Chell. Pester her about something that happened in canon! What’s her life like post-Aperture? Hell, ask her what her favorite brand of cake mix is. 

Go nuts! After a sinfully long delay, I’m excited to finally get this little project off of the ground. 

Happy testing!

Still Alive

Caroline had been Mr. Johnson’s secretary for far too long. She was so used to saying yes to him that she had forgotten she could also say no. And now that she remembered, now that she was having second thoughts and regrets, it was too late. He was long gone.

She hadn’t really thought this project would actually come to fruition. Not in her lifetime, anyway. She’d hoped to die in the facility, in the little apartment she’d lived in for the past forty years, with Mr. Johnson at her side. But instead, she’d sat next to him, squeezing his hand as her eyes brimmed with tears. He was all she had. She’d hoped she wouldn’t have to live for too long without him. 

And now she was going to live forever.

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hello i am garbage look at my garbage art


portalstuck, hell yes


(that reminds me that i have to work on my portalstuck fan fic unu)




(high quality coloring on a high quailty otp drawing)

check out these screwed up pictures i found yesterday:


(in my defense, these were my headcanons from splinteredstriders' grimdark!davesprite and hal AU) 


now look at these crappy fill bucket coloring jobs:




human!brobot headcanons (which the skin tone is messed up bc my coloring pencils suckkkk) for splinteredstriders uvu


and a cute lil one bc i was tired of drawing his abs for the moment

and the moment we’ve all been waiting for…..

an actual photograph of me pale proposing to splinteredstriders


100% legit

Ah, yes, that post about Conversion is going around again.

For those not in the know, conversion is a Portal 2 mod being released on Steam. It is not a sequel, it is not an expansion, it is not canon, it is not endorsed by Valve. It is not new official content. It is a large project by an indie game developer that looks VERY AMAZING and you should PROBABLY PLAY IT, but it is not actual new canon content.

Unless someone can point me at new information I have missed.

Here is a post in the steam forums by the developer explaining this (scroll down to the bottom, their name is tagged with “developer”)

Here is the project on a website made for archiving and distributing mods.

Here is an article about Conversion, which mentions they are not affiliated with Valve in the third paragraph.

I can find zero official information on anything Valve related confirming this as canon.

Please play this mod if it looks like something you’d like. I will probably play it. But please do not spread this as new Portal content. Thank you.

And before I get hate-

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