Portal Companion Cube Rubiks Cube

Solve the mystery of the promised cake with this solvable Portal Companion Cube themed Rubik’s Cube. Available in either the original Portal 1 Companion Cube or Portal 2 Companion Cube style, this geeky Rubik’s Cube is a must have for gamers.


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1. Concerning Hobbits (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring)
2. Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts)
3. Birdhouse in Your Soul (They Might Be Giants)
4. Main Title (Game of Thrones)
5. Still Alive (Portal)
6. The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) (Star Wars)
7. Ice Dance (Edward Scissorhands)
8. Harry In Winter (Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire)
9. The Next Generation Theme (Star Trek)
10. Island in the Sun (Weezer)
11. Love Theme from Superman (Superman: The Movie)
12. Storybook Love (The Princess Bride)

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