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Portal 2 is a perfect metaphor for emotional abuse.

I walked by a outdoor table and these two guys were talking and, I hopefully just walked by and had no context and they weren’t actually supporting this belief, one said to the other “Emotional abuse is nowhere as serious as physical abuse, it shouldn’t even be called abuse.”

I got back to this cottage at which I’m staying and started playing Portal 2 to try and shake it off because the comment really upset me… I started the game over so it was just me and my friend Wheatley. Me and Wheatley are just chilling and he’s trying to help me escape from this confine where I (well, the protagonist) can’t leave and be free. We’re almost there, and suddenly we have to sneak past some robot who is apparently this bad guy. Wheatley seems a bit delusional, so I’m like “What does it matter if I wake her up or not? Only he says that the robot is evil; I have no problems with her.”

GLaDOS, the robot, wakes up and has a bitch-fit about how I ruined her when I tried to escape from her the first time, and seeing as Wheatley tried to save me from leaving her confined space, she sees him as something that takes her control over me and she kills him - right in front of me.

Once Wheatley’s dead, GLaDOS tell me it’s time to do tests and the reward for completing the tests is my freedom. She puts me through Hell, reminding me of all the things she’d done to me and she just becomes this emotionally abusive asshole, but I keep playing and I keep trying to escape.

Eventually, I’m getting kind of sick of her insults and they’re getting to me (now we’re talking about real me) and I want to put the controller down, but all I want is to continue testing.


Now I’ve played Portal 1 and 2 all the way through, but I haven’t played 1 in a while so bear with me. This is just about the beginning of Portal 2.

Emotional abuse is a VERY real thing, and I think Portal 2 is a GENIUS metaphor for describing it. The abuséd is put through a series of tests with the promise of freedom, but with every test, she gets on an elevator and goes further into the ground - thus further from that promised freedom. There are points where the player may want to stop because it is getting to them, but their motivation is to be free so they continue with the tests despite the fact that GLaDOS will never set them free.

So if you want to say that emotional abuse doesn’t exist, put yourself in the shoes of the main character from Portal 2 and imagine yourself seemingly never on the true road to freedom.