Whether you’re in the Portal fandom or you simply frequent gaming communities, you’ve likely heard a dark hypothesis about the well-loved Companion Cube.

The hypothesis is as follows: Aperture disposes of dead or dying test subjects by putting them in Companion Cubes and forcing other test subjects to incinerate them.

Now, I think the Companion Cube does have a dark secret, but this hypothesis is not it.

I will be discussing this hypothesis in depth and analyzing common points made to support it—particularly the ones made in this Youtube video by The Game Theorists. (Warning: The video uses some really crude, immature humor.) You don’t need to watch the video to understand this essay, since I’ll be summarizing the points it makes as I counter each one.

But before we get into that, let’s go over the origin of this popular hypothesis!

The idea was hypothesized in a comic by deviantART user PettyArtist in 2010. It’s important to note that the comic was drawn before the release of Portal 2, and it was also an idea that came up off the top of the artist’s head. The comic has since then been circulated throughout the internet over dA, Tumblr, and various gaming and image websites.

A year after the comic was posted, Portal 2 was released.

Two years after that, The Game Theorists took the Companion Cube hypothesis and tried to back it up using the new story elements in Portal 2 and the official “midquel” comic, Lab Rat.

Let’s take a look.

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I decided to animate that Portal comic I made a couple of days ago


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