Do you ever think that the only reason Chell held on to Wheatley was because she just didn’t want to get thrown into space and die?

Because I think about that a lot and I think it’s kind of sad.


Minor information for my art.

Announcer.   [Portal Wiki]    [Announcer Art]
Minor character in Portal2. Supporting & lover of GLaDOS. His hobby is a puzzle & sleep…And tease GLaDOS. The tallest among the staff. (GLaDOS met the man who was taller than oneself for the first time.)

Mini Cat Chells.
The cat which GLaDOS made for harassment to Chell. Say “mew mew”. Most become stray kittens in facilities. Favorite food is apples. The upper ear is a fake.

Bird mask.
The mask which Chell made. She puts on a mask and chases Wheatley. Best time of Chell.

Name is Algernon. Because Doug shared food, rats increased. The rat is very clever under the influence of the chemical substance in facilities.

Wheatley made. Living doll…?

Turret of unrequited love.
She was helped by a Doug. Thereafter this Turret thinks him to be a prince and loves him.

Posted to Twitter at the beginning of the week but forgot to do the same on Tumblr! This is my awesome GameTee pencil box inspired by Valve’s Portal sitting on my desk at work next to a robot toy I received from a training course.

Isn’t it cool! (The pencil case I mean… though the robot is pretty sweet as well :)) The design is beautiful and worthy of being in their Premium Wares section of their website. I would advise everyone to go out and get their own!

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What’s YOUR favorite design?

"Long Lost" Comic Casting Call

Hi there everyone, Kizza here!  I have been planning dub for the comic Long Lost by MadJesters1 on deviantart for a while now, but I have just recently gotten around to introducing the idea to LOVAC.  We are currently searching for voice actors to work with us on this.  

Here’s where you can help.  The sooner we can get this project off the ground the better, so please send in voice auditions!  The characters we are looking for are as follows:

Heavy - Sniper - Spy - Medic - Soldier - Administrator - Caroline - Spiderbot

To audition, please select 3 – 4 lines from here and recite them to the best of your ability (they kind of have to be for the character(s) you are auditioning for)

Please have minimal background noise and a high quality microphone for recording.  You can send any and all files to