Ayaka Aya-age 18- Birthday Dec 11

SOoooo she  based her off of Chell. Ayaka’s  semblance is being able to crate portals onto solid objects. She is a mage,able to use fire and ice as her main use of dust. She is a dust scientist ,she goes to Beacon and is the apprentice of a Dust scientist. She is so far trying to create a dust that is able to control space and time.

She can jump super high,thanks to her being a rabbit faunas and has pads on the bottom of her shoes to help absorb the impact from when she lands. She can use the ribbon around her waist to crate an ice or fire whip,when needed.

Her hair is naturally colored as is. White that goes to brown and her ears are the only part that has the blue and orange tips.

Ayaka has a  very open life, very open about her emotions adn loves to talk about the weather,dust and people.

Thanks to Teamfair for the idea!!