We wish you a Merry Christmas from here at Aperture Science!

Aperture Science would like to remind all test subjects that “Santa Claus” is a known criminal, guilty of stealing numerous patented teleportation device prototypes and using them to illegally distribute packages of unknown content en mass to adolescents, and is known to steal milk and cookies from innocent families. In addition Santa Claus has been known to steal trillions of dollars worth of coal each year and distribute it among the worlds most vile children. If spotted please sound the Santa-alarm that has been placed legally; but without your consent, near your houses chimney.

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The Portal Christmas video! =)

cuttin’ it kinda close w time, but here it is!! cornetespoire’s portal secret santa gift!

she wanted something with atlas and p-body, and where they’re all friends together, and what do friends do? take pictures together in ugly sweaters!! too bad they all blinked at the same time… [heavily based on this picture tbh]

i’ve been in this fandom for four years and i genuinely think this is the first time i’ve actually drawn my p-body and atlas designs?? wow

anyways!! happy holidays, and i hope you like it! uvu

On the 12th day of Christmas my fandom gave to me

11 Doctors traveling
10 furry robots
(Robot voice) 9999999999999999
8 collectable pages
7 wizard books
6 shiny Pokemon
4 beta players
3 golden triangles
2 hot gay twins
And a TV that plays only BBC

Here’s my Secret Santa for ladykuroshiro !

They said”  I would love to see the characters in the 1920’s or 1950’s! Especially Wheatley, Chell or Caroline.Also, I like stained glass paintings, so if you could make something in that style it would be great. “

So what I did was have a setting like in the 1920’s/50’s area in the lower aperture, and set a lovely portrait of Caroline in a mosaic style 8) It was really interesting doing this, and i’m sorry for being a lil late! 
Merry Christmas! 

So I got four Series III Blind Box Turrets for Christmas (counting the one I got last night) and just decided to take a picture of my whole collection.

Yes, I do have three red turrets.

BUT I also got Space Core so it’s all cool! Now if only I could get Fact Core…

…and AT LEAST ONE OF THE CUBES. >%E~ Are the cubes rare or something?? (I really really really want the original Companion Cube with Hoopy for reasons.)

"But the cake was a lie…"

Portal Secret Santa for emberwhite.

I know you said you like Rattman but I couldt draw him and I tried so I figured glados with one snarky line.  Hope you like it!  It’s not that great but it’s the best I could do.  Sorry it came a day late.

Happy Christmas from pyrop3s1st3r!