Portal Earrings

Introducing the latest design straight off the Aperture Laboratories production line, these highly experimental and wildly unstable Portal earrings are a must have for gamers. You also get your choice of sterling silver or gold for these geeky stud earrings.


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The upcoming and highly anticipated Portal 2 mod “Portal Stories: Mel” recently showed off a slick looking trailer for the free-to-play game, which is set to come out early this year.

Read More: http://lambdageneration.com/modding/portal/portal-stories-mel-trailer/

the-dangerous-mute-lunatic's OC Pine and mxtallicscarf's OC Melody having a chat over the kitty that breaths neurotoxin X3 

And Pine is breathing normal air from a normal room from the other room linked though the portal ^^