Okay from what I’ve seen no-one has posted this yet in the Portal tags I follow (though it could be on one I’m not following, but anyway), so I’ll post this myself.


Everyone go play it!! It looks awesome! I’ll probably be streaming it later today myself.

Fanime 2015 Cosplay Recap

Kind of doing it in a text format cause I want to fit a ton of photos in one post rather than making multiple photo posts, so sorry about making the super long wall of photos! :U

I have to say, as an artist who was directly interacting with a lot of various fans of different series this year, it was so, so amazing to be surrounded by all the love that people have poured into the different parts of nerd-dom that they enjoy, and it definitely made me feel very much at home.

There were a lot of amazing cosplays left and right that I wish I could have gotten photos of all of them, but I did manage to nab a few:

A friend of mine who was tabling next to Ernesto and my own directed these two MK cosplayers to our table and I have to say I got super hyped up when I saw these guys.

Hiccup be swagging with two Astrids. Seriously, these Dragons cosplays are amazing. Also, I really, REALLY regret not having Dragons stuff up. I’m such a fool ;__;

Wait a minute…do I just hear Blumenkranz playing in the background or something? Seriously, no words can describe how legit this Ragyo cosplay is. Those fucking lights are serious business.

Stole this from netolaneta​‘s page because I could have sworn I took a photo but didn’t find it on my phone. So sad about that. Sexbang cosplay is best cosplay though. Also, it was great to talk to a fellow Capcom fan about how Capcom/Konami/insert-Japanese-game-studio-here hates money haha.

Uugghhhhh my favorite q____q

Rock Lee has always been my favorite and my role model but damn, girl Rock Lee is super awesome.

NOOB SAIBOT! This guy’s Noob is super fucking amazing. Fucking BAMF right here.

I saw this crazy-ass Portal cosplay and was blown away. Seriously, this is why we go to Fanime.

Here’s the super cute Kiki cosplayer! Her name I believe was Cailyn/Kailyn (I can’t for the life of me remember if it was a C or a K. I’m so sorry! D:). We were fangirling over Transistor together and she was telling me how she really wanted to cosplay as Red but didn’t have the time to put together the outfit sans the wig. It’s all good though; next year, next year!

This really awesome Flemmeth came by and I had to ask her for a photo. Also I had to give ericivangarcia shit as she was passing by hahaha. Seriously though, this is super badass.

I don’t know about you, but I ship Little Mac and Samus so hard. Nuff said.

kawaiicosplayy walked by with this awesome Dead Marco haha. It was kind of sad and really funny at the same time. Rock on, kawaiicosplayy, rock on!

And one of the last cosplays that I took a photo of was these really awesome Street Fighter cosplays; one Q and one Rainbow Mika. I definitely wish I could have done more Street Fighter art (ended up canceling a Dan Hibiki print to much of my chagrin) and I am definitely going to strongly cater towards the fighting game crowd next year for sure!

These were, of course, just a few of the many crazy cosplays that I have came across. If any of you see yourselves in these photos, do send me an ask/reblog so I can properly tag you here! But seriously though, these past four days have to have been the best four days of my life, and this has been in no small way an integral part of why Fanime has been such a blast for me.

To everyone out there, shine on.