No Cirque for you! ©SharonB (iammacgirl) on Flickr.

Original (with texture for tarting) of the black and white of this image (below) from 2011. About to pick up my shovel to dig out from the latest dump of snow we had yesterday… not like we aren’t used to it around here, that’s for certain, but I never said we had to love it…


1. Good Time (acoustic version) [X]

2. Good Time (radio version)

3. Alligator Sky (Adam Young version)

4. Alligator Sky (feat. B.O.B.) [unreleased] [X]

5. Alligator Sky (feat. Big Boi) [unreleased]

6. Vanilla Twilight (Extended radio version. aka “Top 40 version”) [X]

7. Vanilla Twilight (Extended Vinyl Version) [X]

8. Umbrella Beach (radio cut)

9. Fireflies (UK radio cut) [X]

10. On the Wing (Ocean Eyes version)

11. The Saltwater Room (Ocean Eyes version)

12. Hello Seattle (The Ocean Eyes version)

13. The Joy In Your Heart (unreleased) [X]

14. Fireflies (extended version) [X]

15. Hey Sacramento (promo) [X

16. Hello Orlando (promo) [X]

17. *Youtopia [Alternate Version] [X]

credit for “Hey Sacramento” and “Hello Orlando” links [X]

*as featured artist

Note: I bet there are a lot that I have either forgotten or am unaware of. Just message me if you know of one.


So my boyfriend and I get to Owl City concerts at 8 in the morning to make sure we’re the first in line at the venue to get front row. With that being said, we had quite a bit of time to kill before the doors opened at 6. At the last concert we went to we decided to bring chalk, and for hours we decorated the entire sidewalk all around the venue. It was a HUGE hit, and even Adam’s band (beside the always shy Adam) came out and took pictures of it all for themselves. Truly incredible experience, and at the end of the concert Adam’s owlsome manager hooked us up with signatures from him. (: One of, if not the best concerts I’ve ever been to!