Rutenalid beetle, Anoplognathus porosus.

This genus is commonly referred to as Christmas Beetles, and the family come in a variety of shiny and metallic colours.

Larvae live underground, where they will also pupate, the adults all emerging at the same time. In Australia this is midsummer, explaining their common name, where they can be extremely common in some areas.

They feed on eucalyptus.

This individual photographed on the Lyrebird Walk, near the Mount Granya summit, Mount Granya State Park, Victoria.

Jumping Crocodile | ©Erik Schlogl  (Adelaide River, Northern Territory, Australia)

The Saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus (Crocodylidae) is the largest of all crocodilians, and the largest reptile in the world, with unconfirmed reports of individuals up to an impressive eight to ten metres in length, although a maximum of five to six metres is more usual.

The Saltwater crocodile is the most widely distributed crocodilian species, ranging from Sri Lanka and the east coast of India in the west, through southeast Asia to Australia, and as far east as the Caroline Islands, in the Western Pacific. However, it is now thought to be extinct from Singapore and the Seychelles islands, and possibly from Thailand. The species is able to travel long distances by sea, sometimes over a thousand kilometres, and wandering individuals have been recorded as far as Japan, the Fiji Islands and the Cocos-Keeling Islands.



What us Territorians do for kicks - go swimming with a 5+ metre (16 foot) saltwater crocodile. This photoset depicts yours truly in the Cage of Death at Crocosaurus Cove, in my hometown of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Big ups to my little sister for being my photographer so I didn’t have to buy prints from the venue ;) The $110 cost to watch ‘Burt’ drift lazily around us for the better part of 15 minutes was hefty enough.

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