popthreads asked:

anyone know of any fashion designers/styliststhat when they first came in to the industry they used a signature style to self-promote? Maripole!

thanksss what was their sig. style?

Spotlight on Indie + Sustainable Design. Love these! From the website “ove the spirit of these accordian-style, handcrafted textiles accessories by Fundudzi designer Craig Jacobs and his team of talented local artisans in South Africa. This award winning designer uses re-inforced, laser cut traditional print fabrics to create one of a kind pieces for wearing as necklaces, bracelets, or cuffs. ” - PopThreads

(via e c c o * e c o: Fundudzi Handmade Accessories Celebrate African Textiles and Cultural Preservation)

In honor of our newest indie designer Poorly Draw Things, today’s featured item is their Inexplicable Sadness Pin. Pins are a great addition to your standard Fall weather coat, and we love the subtle details: the lines on the mushrooms, the hair, and the fact that she doesn’t seem to be wearing any clothing. We also love their Cat’s Cradle Pin. For a piece of unique, wearable art the price can’t be beat. Get ‘em before they’re snapped up by some other lucky soul! - PopThreads

It’s no secret that cropped tops are back in for the Summer. I love them because they give you lots of options for layering. Pair with a chiffon tank, a cute body suit, or your favorite high-waisted shorts, skirt, or pants. And that’s why I’m smitten with Ivy Vining’s Silk, Mesh, and Sequin Dolman top. Silk is a great Summer fabric, mesh never goes out of style— yes, I said never and I mean it— and the sequins are a great way to add a little bling to an item that could easily transition from “day” to “night.” The back is also such a treat, with its beautiful plunge. And that’s why we love it! Go take a look. - PopThreads