Happy late Valentine's Day, asshole. < 3


“Where are we going?” Logan asks for the seventeenth time, not that Kendall’s been counting.

“Just somewhere, relax.” Kendall replies with a grin, even though Logan can’t see it through the blindfold Kendall put on him twenty minutes ago.

“I feel sand. Why do I feel sand?”

“Maybe we’re on a beach. Maybe I filled your shoes with sand to throw you off. Maybe you’re going crazy.” and he has to take a step back to avoid the elbow that Logan aims for his ribs. Laughing, he places a kiss to Logan’s neck and nudges him forward. “Just trust me.”

It’s another three minutes before Kendall stops them suddenly, having to grab Logan by the back of his shirt to keep him from falling forward. He slips the blindfold off his boyfriend’s face, and Logan blinks to get used to the new light. Looking around, he raises an eyebrow.

“You know, we’ll probably get sand in our food.” he says, taking in the dinner-for-two setup and Kendall rolls his eyes.

“I’m trying to be romantic. Shut up and let me be romantic.” The blond tells him nudging his boyfriend’s hip. Logan grins.

“Okay I’m sorry.” and in a slightly more dramatic voice, “I love it. It’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen. You’re the love of my life. Take me, take me now.”

Kendall kicks sand at him and Logan laughs and though Kendall won’t admit it, he’s falling a little bit more in love each minute. Falling farther off that cliff, clinging tighter to the parachute  with Logan’s name on it that keeps him from hitting the ground.

“Okay, fine.” Kendall says. “Mock me. See if I try proposing to you again.” and Logan stops laughing and looks at him.


Kendall pulls the ring box from his pocket, opening it to reveal the simple gold band resting there. “Well, I was” he drags the word out to about four syllables “going to propose, but since you’re making fun of me, I guess I won’t.”

“Oh, well that’s too bad.” Logan replies. “If you had proposed, I would have said yes.”

“Oh would you have?”

“I would have. But only if you got down on one knee. You know, like a proper gentleman.” Logan says with a grin, and Kendall drops down, holding the ring box out.

“You mean like this?” he asks, and Logan looks at him, critiquing his stance.

“You have to use my middle name when you do it. More meaningful that way.” he says, and Kendall lets out an exasperated sigh.

“Logan Philip Henderson, guy I’m head over heels for, part time asshole, all time perfect man, will you pretty pretty please with sugar on top, become my husband?”

Logan pauses, and then answers him.

“Is it organic sugar or regular sugar?” Kendall grabs Logan’s hand, placing the ring on it, trying not to laugh and stands, kissing him. Logan grins against his lips.

“Fine. I guess I’ll marry you.” he tells Kendall, and Kendall grins back.

“Oh, you guess.”

“Mm-hmm.” Logan murmurs, kissing him again, and that parachute with Logan’s name on it keeps Kendall off the ground that much longer.

I fucking love you guys. So supportive.


nicolkacola replied to your post: oh fuck you guys will judge me so hard if i tell…

no believe ME i wont


perfectoriginal replied to your post: oh fuck you guys will judge me so hard if i tell…

cody i used to live off of subway no judgement would occur


prettygirldontspeak replied to your post: oh fuck you guys will judge me so hard if i tell…

How many foot longs did you put in your mouth Cody Palm?


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Cody this is Tumblr.

I got

  • a footlong pastrami sandwhich
  • a large cherry coke
  • a bag of sun chips
  • two peanut butter cookies
  • and one macadamia nut cookie
  • i spent twelve dollars 0_0
My Valentines

So it’s about Valentine’s Day for most of my East Coasters and will be shortly for the rest of the US as well. I figured I was going to make myself a li’l post for those few who accepted my invitation to be my Tumblr Valentines this year.

Usually, I don’t get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. I used to be one of those people who felt it was just a Hallmark holiday and that’s partly because one of my ex boyfriends dumped me about two or so days after Valentine’s one year. After we went on a date… that Valentine’s Day. I don’t understand it myself, but it put me in a bit of a sour place for the holiday.

Anyway, this year I’m renewed with the beauty of the holiday. For lovebirds and friends alike, it’s a chance to connect and express your love for the people who matter most in your life. And so I want you, all of you, to know that I love you dearly. You’re some of the best friends I’ve ever had and I love you all to pieces.

While this post is only going to be a few people mentioned (those who asked or said yes when I asked and got onto my page), trust me when I say that these thoughts and feelings go out to all of you. I love you all and I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re spending it alone or with loved ones, know that my heart is with you all.

Now, for you all, my Official Tumblr Valentines

Amanda Rae
Amanda Rae, you are the light of my life and the girl of my dreams. I love you with all of my heart and I hope you have a glorious Valentine’s Day. I know it’s your favorite and I hope it smacks of happy and love. I wish I could be spending it with you, but you just hold onto CarlosPanda and I’ll be with you in spirit. Waiting for the day we get to spend the day in each other’s arms. I love you and happy Valentine’s Day, my little Oyster. <3

Lauren, you have been one of the greatest friends I could ever ask for and I’m so happy to still know and talk to you to this day. Thank you for always helping me to keep my head above water and I only pray I can do the same for you at times. You’re a light on the dark paths and you help me to remember that this world is worth smiling for. With people like you in it, I’m given new hope. I love you and I hope your holiday treats you well. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart. <3

My dear Mandy. You have been one of the best and most amazing people to me since I started my time on Tumblr. You make me smile and laugh all the time and I just love how completely you throw yourself into your favorite ships. It’s so fun and amazing to watch. You’ve always been there for me and for so many others. You’re such a sweetie and I love the shit out of you. I truly do. Happy Valentine’s Day, love. <3

Russell. Fucking Russell. ;D You make me laugh so hard. I am so damn glad we got to talking again. Our friendship is one I definitely didn’t want to lose over non-communication. You make me smile with your random jokes and BOOM moments. And just like with Cherry, you make me want to stay up all night just talking about completely random shit together. And omigod, I can’t believe you’ve got me shipping Robbie Rotten with Sportacus. I don’t even LIKE Lazytown, you boob! XD I love you and your dorky dorkness. And your fantastic art. You’re such an awesome Watson. Happy Valentine’s Day, bitch. ;D <3

Baby girl, Staci. Your very presence on my dash makes me smile and makes my day. You’re such a sweetheart and I’m proud to call you my daughter (even if it’s just on the Internet, but Cherry and I seriously want to officially adopt all of you chil’ens). It makes me so happy when you’re happy and having a good time and I love knowing you’re smiling and just generally… Well, havin’ a good time. I hope your Valentine’s goes awesomely and you fill your heart with love and laughter, not just for this holiday, but for life. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby girl. <3

Tori, you are so amazing and funny. You’ve been one of my favorite people on this site for ages and I just love seeing your posts on my dash. I love getting little messages from you and just knowing you’re around and paying attention. To have you as one of those people I could go to if I really needed it makes me smile and makes each day worth waking up for. I hope your day goes great and you have fun. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day, hun. <3

And now for my unofficial Valentine’s 
These are the people who didn’t ask, or whom I didn’t ask, but I still love 

I’m not going to do full paragraphs for this list because it’s rather long and I’m afraid my arms and fingers may fall off. Well, fingers first, then my arms as I attempt to keep typing with my wrist stubs. There’s so many of you and I know not all of you are going to make it to this list. And if you are a follower of mine or someone I follow and I miss you, it doesn’t mean I love you any less. It just means we don’t talk as much, so you didn’t jump to the forefront of my brain like these others did. I love you all and I wish you all the best Valentine’s Days ever. Seriously. You’re all so sweet and loving and I want you all happy this year, and for years to come, okay? <3

To these lovely people, I wish you a sweet Valentine’s Day and a happy Tuesday in general. I love you.




Molly (Brobeans)





I love you all. And all my followers.

To you all, happy Valentine’s Day. <3