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The Hangover Session with Alex Rabinowitz of Popculturebrain

Alex has been running PCB since February of 2008 and as a fellow pop culture fanatic I totally felt it when he told me he had been reading Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide since he was 13 years old.  Who hasn’t? He left film school thinking he was going to be a production designer, but now works for digital marketing agency, Magnet Media Films Inc, as an Associate Producer. He is also the Co-host of the Netflix recommendation web video show Whatcha Gonna Queue which you should really be watching.  You can follow PCB on twitter here as well as his personal twitter here.  He is a Glee apologist.

What TV character would you most like to have drinks with?
A night at McLarren’s would be fun. Though I don’t know how long I could listen to Ted whine, nor if I could keep up with Barney…Do you think Troy and Abed would introduce me to Annie? Because then it’s really a no brainer.

Where do you watch TV? Do you watch television on an actual TV?
I do watch on an actual TV. I watch far too many shows and am way too OCD about watching them relatively on time to even consider cutting the cord. And I try to watch in HD on my apartment’s large size set as much as possible. Even when circumstance leads to having to obtain shows in other ways, I’ll port over them over to the big(ger) screen.

What is your “Must See TV”?
Fringe, HIMYM, South Park, Glee, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, NBC Thursdays, Top Chef (only the original - I don’t mess with that Masters or Desserts nonsense), Louie, amongst practically everything else that’s not trashy reality or a CBS procedural. The Paul Reiser Show.

Which canceled TV shows would you most like to see as movies?
See the last one listed above. Seriously though, and this may be an unpopular opinion, but TV shows that were really good TV shows don’t need movies. Unless there was some absurd cliffhanger or they ended without getting their due, a movie has a very high chance of tarnishing the legacy of the show. That said, I wouldn’t hate to see big screen versions of Clone High, Flight of the Conchords, Pushing Daisies or Reaper.

What TV shows available on Netflix right now should people being watching?
Doctor Who (starting in ‘05 with Christopher Eccleston), Archer, The Hard Times of RJ Berger (I’m completely serious), Party Down, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Better Off Ted, Code Monkeys, The Kids in the Hall, The League, My So-Called Life, Reaper, early season of SNL, Sports Night (for the love of god Sports Night), Twin Peaks. I’m assuming everyone has the time to watch all of those.
What one TV show do you wish was available to watch on Netflix?
For nostalgia’s sake, the first season of Pokemon. For seriousness’ sake, The Wire.  

Best and Worst TV moms?
Best: Jane Kaczmarek as Lois on Malcolm in the Middle. Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews on Boy Meets World, Marge Simpson.
Worst: Julie Cooper. Claire Littleton. The cast of MTV’s Teen Mom. The “Mother” from HIMYM. Bruce Jenner.

Let’s pretend Twilight was never a movie series, but a TV series.  Cast the CW series main characters: Bella, Edward, and Jacob.
Bella would be played by Michelle Trachtenberg, who would bring far more to the role than Kristen Stewart yet be just as annoying. Shane West will fill in for Jacob and Chuck Bass will play Edward. Not Ed Westwick. Chuck Bass.

 Drew Carey is fired from the Price is Right in a Plinko-related controversy and decides to start filming ‘Whose Line is It Anyway?’ again.  Which four comics would you cast as regulars along with Drew?  Wayne Brady is NOT an option.
I have a strong desire just to assemble the rest of the originals (Colin Mockery, Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops) and make them do short form improv for me in a private room from now until eternity. But if they’re all off the table I’ll take Nick Kroll, Paul F Tompkins, Paul Scheer, and Rob Hubel (or anyone that’s appeared in character on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast).

The highly anticipated Season 4 of Breaking Bad is coming back in a few weeks. So, let’s discuss your favorite and least favorite characters. 
How do you choose? Saul is certainly one of my favorites, just for the incredible comic relief Bob Odenkirk brings to the show. Saying Walt or Jesse would be a cop out, but they’re both so complex, despicable and likable. All at the same time. If it had to be anyone, I could really do without Marie, simply because her klepto story line from a few season ago was an unwelcome detraction from the otherwise perfect show.
List these TV ‘Doctors’ from worst to least worst: Dr. Drew, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, then Dr. Oz. But Oz only beat out Drew by a hair because of his cameo in that sketch Jimmy Fallon and the Roots did in tribute to Conan O’Brien last year on Oz’s sound stage (which I wanted to link to here but it has mysteriously gone missing from the Internet).

What was your favorite television show as a child?
Ghostbusters the animated series. Also, Power Rangers.
Name a one-season-TV show that should have lasted more than one season.  What would you do to make it last more than one season?
Studio 60 should have been given more of a go. My advice would be to bring in some consultants to teach Sorkin how to write sketch comedy and underplay the will-they-won’t-they between Matthew Perry and Sarah Paulson. And not be on NBC. Also Terriers should have been renewed.

Homer Simpson or Al Bundy?
Homer. He’s a lot less malicious.   

Law & Order: SVU or Law & Order: Criminal Intent?
SVU. Though I’m not so sure anymore considering they’re rotating the cast and Meloni’s gone.

Wings or Frasier?
Frasier. Even the dog was making salary demands.

Rachel or Monica?
Monica. Rachel brings too much drama.

The Voice or American Idol?
Idol. The Voice is too weighed done with gimmicks and padding.  

Best hangover remedy?
Ramen noodles.

What other tumblrs/bloggers would you like to see answer questions like this?
fergaliciousdef or anyone at AlltheTV, Zachdionne, -saturdaynightlive, whatevs, lucaluca, tallwhitney, knifegoesin, maeby, Pilot, Gabe Delahaye

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