yes idols seem perfect. yes they have flat stomachs and white teeth and skinny limbs, but please remember this: idols have a team of people to make them look how they do. they have makeup and hair artists to cover any blemish and flatten any frizz. they have strict diets that make their parents worry and hours of dance practice that wear on their bodies. the bags under their eyes and zits on their face are caked with concealer and edited out of pictures. they break down from the stress of looking perfect and being perfect and many struggle with eating disorders and suffer with mental illness from all the pressure to look how they look and look how you want to look. so please, stay healthy. don’t skip a meal to have that idol’s thin thighs, or this idol’s tiny wrists. don’t cry out of frustration when makeup won’t hide the bumps on your cheek while the photoshopped skin of the idol on your computer screen looks smooth. don’t tell yourself that you’re ugly just because you don’t have a team of people to make you look red carpet-ready or a job that forces you to overwork your body. yes you don’t look like an idol, and that’s ok.


Carly Rae Jepsen — “I Really Like You”


New Video: Blink-182 “I Miss You” (Tom’s Verse 10 Hour Loop)

Forgot to mention

That we woke up on Saturday morning with no running water in the house. I swear the weirdest plumbing situations happen in this house. Makes me go “hmmm….”

Anyway, I tried to DIY a fix. At one point I was standing on top of a bench, alone, in my basement, using a bicycle pump to put air into our water tank. But it didn’t work. (And my abs are still sore.) Then we tried replacing the switch that we replaced a month ago. But nope, dry as a bone.

So after 48 hours with no water and having to drive to my mother in laws to poop, we called a real plumber. It was the entire electrical box that controls the well pump.

Still haven’t gotten the bill, but I am currently soaking in a -just about to overflow- bathtub. 🛀


"I Found Someone", live on Saturday Night Live…..Oddly enough, Cher’s only appearance on the iconic program.