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Hello! Merry Christmas! I was just wondering what video that is where Lee is wearing a red beanie and looking cute? Thanks!

Heyah! Thank you so much lovely anon and a Merry Christmas to you too!

It’s the GQ video that you can find here :)


On this day in music history: December 26, 1967 - “Magical Mystery Tour”, starring The Beatles airs on BBC1 in the UK. An hour long film directed by the band shows them on charabanc bus trip with numerous friends and other odd characters around the English countryside. The original idea for the film will come from Paul McCartney after a recent trip to the US. He will map out his ideas loosely on a sheet of paper, drawing a circle, and sketching out what should happen during a particular segment. When filming begins in September of 1967, it will be largely unscripted, with the group simply driving around, and letting the cameras roll and hoping to capture any spontaneous moments. The band will spent two weeks filming, and then eleven weeks in the editing room paring the ten hours of footage shot into the finished film. Though it is shot in color, the initial broadcast by the BBC is in black & white, greatly diminishing the film’s visual impact. When it is aired to a large UK viewing audience on Boxing Day, it will be so poorly received by fans and critics, that plans for it to be aired on US TV by NBC are immediately withdrawn. However, the LP and double EP set containing music from the film will be highly successful. Over the years, the film will take on cult status among Beatles fans. “Magical Mystery Tour” will be fully restored and released on DVD and Blu-ray disc in 2012, nearly forty five years after its original broadcast.

lol this year my mum bought me a speaker for christmas. she looked me dead in the eyes and said “you’re a teenager, you like music, but i don’t know the words to every song you like or have a constant headache so go and be a teenager just not when i want to sleep”


#YearOfAFiddler - Friday, 26th of December 2014

New music, new videos!

Over the year Alexander has delighted us with performances and music of very differnt genres. And these two couldn’t have been more different from each other!!

Not long ago in October 2014, Alexander was taking part in a Norwegian TV show called "The Hit" in which unknown songwriters presented their songs to well-known Norwegian artists. After the matching of artists and songwriters was done they competed against each other. 

Alexander performed "What I Long For" - a gorgeous pop song written by Elisabet Mjanger. It’s a song that will get you in a good mood instantly and will make you shake your body to its rhythm!

» See here the performance to "What I Long For".
» And get/listen to the song here: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Wimp

Another, stylistically very different, song is "I Dine Hender" (Norw. for: “In Your Hands”) which was beautifully written and gently arranged by Alexander. As Alexander has stated, this classical piece of music is about Norway and in particular about his love for Norway.

In one of the most beautiful performances, Emil Solli-Tangen, younger brother of Didrik Solli-Tangen, is singing the lyrics to this piece. 

» Watch the video to this performance here: "I Dine Hender"

#LiveItWinIt has been the motto of the last couple of weeks! "Live It" is the Official anthem for the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship in Qatar 2015. It features Alexander as well as many other international artists. A very catchy mix of pop, reggae and traditional music!!

» Watch the official music video to get a glimpse of Alex: "Live It"

Love and Happy #FiddlerFriday,
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Did a reading because I felt like I needed to. Two of the Set cards showed up and the whole thing pointed to chaos and change. Yaay.

Did another reading with another spread…and guess what - two more Set cards. Message seemed to be the same.

No offensive to Set…but I don’t really feel eager about the prospect of working with him. It might be ~a new start~ but ugghg I wanna be nice and stable and not have someone fucking with my life. I was just being thankful that Set wasn’t interested in flipping my shit upside down like he is with some other people