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"You're /how old/?"

“Thirty-five,” says Sam.

The kid manning the registration desk smirks a little. “Pretty ancient for a freshman,” he says.

“It’s not my first time around,” Sam tells him; but the kid’s only half-listening, and really, Sam doesn’t care. He might be the oldest student in every class he attends, but he’s gonna fulfil 150% of the course requirements, ace every essay and love every minute of this second chance.

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Got some new copics yesterday and had to try them out, which worked out well since I’ve been itching to draw this cat!bill design from the coven au that’s been floating around

lmao are ppl rly saying that those who enjoy/consume LL media are supporting pedophilia bc the idol industry is corrupt? Jfc… That post doesn’t even point out specific instances in LL where it is supporting what they are claiming… Like they just…said things without backing up their claims… They gave sources that point out issues in the idol industry, which are all very real, but they don’t…lead back…to LL, which isn’t even a show about the idol industry…

That post also fails to point out legitimate problems in the show like Nozomi groping her friends or encouraging young girls to diet when it absolutely isn’t necessary. It does point out sexualization of girls, which is a whole different issue that is rampant in the anime industry in general, but even then, that doesn’t equate to the show specifically targetting ppl who are into pedophilia nor does that mean the creators are nodding to the actual industry. 

I think a large majority of sexualization issues that LL has had was in the earlier days when some of their official art was actually p gross. There’s still some questionable art that goes around now that rly shouldn’t have been done, but it has tamed some of the sexualization down with the release of the anime. But that being said, that doesn’t make their past offenses right. Also, they do have the classic thigh shots and shit, which just goes back to the anime industry in general having that issue. LL aint standalone in that.

But actually tho, where are the posts criticizing Idolm@ster, which actually portrays rly young girls (as young as 12) in the professional idol industry and creates uncomfortably romantic/sexual undertones between the girls and the male adult producer?? I’ll say it again; the LL girls ain’t even in the idol industry. They’re literally a group of girls who were like “we’re gonna save our school by singing and dancing so it attracts potential student’s attention.” 

I get what the original post was saying. There’s a lot of shit that happens in the industry that shouldn’t be happening, but I highly doubt that when ppl support and enjoy LL they are saying “yes I support pedophilia in the industry. pls continue to let that happen.” Especially considering that LL doesn’t even touch on the professional idol industry outside of one of the girls saying “we’re not professional idols; we’re school idols” or Nico being like “I love idols” or perhaps the LL competition in general, and those are all stretches. 

LL has its issues, but I just don’t see how the big, horrible problem is that it and its fans are supporting pedophilia/lolicon bc the actual idol industry is corrupt and gross and is filled with that when LL was never about the industry in the first place

Had some free time today so drew the bae (a.k.a Lee Sungjong) ~ ♡

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But imagine for a sec ...

Set 3 years in the future, Ian and Mickey are back together but they are still struggling with their issues. They have an argument and Mickey just asks Ian why he doesn’t leave him if he is not happy

“I can’t” Ian says

“why the fuck not?” Mickey asks aggressively as he tries to hold back the tears

“Because once you told me that what you and I have makes you free… And that’s my fucking truth too.”

And they fall into each other’s arms and stay like that for a while because all they need really is each other

              This has been a long time coming, actually, with my little semi-hiatus’ in between. I’ve decided to put my blogs on hiatus for a while, a week at most, maybe? The reason being that I’m stressed enough as it is and roleplay is only adding to said stress. 

               My grandmother is still in the hospital and probably will be, for a while, along with some other things that I have to deal with irl, away from everything. I just don’t want to have to worry about how long I’m taking with replies, in between it all.

              That being said, I will be queuing drafts and memes, tomorrow, so that at least I’ll have the queue up and running. I might even post a starter call, to add starters to the queue, as well. If anyone needs me, I’ll probably be over here for the time being, getting that up and running again, it’s just less stressful.