Episode 90! This week we’re talking Zayn & One Direction and fandom culture - our thoughts on fangirling and our own fangirl moments, as well as our thoughts on that ridiculous Deadline article - “The Year of Ethnic Casting: About Time Or Too Much of a Good Thing?” Enjoy! 

1:00 - “Bitch Better Have My Money” - The Freelancer’s Anthem

3:00 - Weekly Rant on Why Iggy Azalea Ain’t Shit

7:20 - The New Harry Potter Doc, and the Perils/Beauty of Fandom Culture

16:00- A Discussion About Zayn Leaving 1D (That We Make All About Us)

42:00 - We Should Have Never Gave Y’all Racists A Platform - The Absurdity of Deadline’s ‘Pilot 2015′ Article 

1:00:00 - A Few Words on Love <3

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Lip quivers.
Give yourself a hand.
Expression lines, stretch marks and your curvature. They’re raving about them all.

The way she fixes her hair, smiles and arches her back right down to her taste.
You can’t put this in bottles.
The sweetness could drip from vines and still not be understood.
You cannot be uprooted.
You can only grow.

The truth of the matter is you’re just as prone to mistakes as the next person. Instead of realizing that, that microscope is for you. They love to study you. Acting like you don’t bleed the same.
Monthly woes, like bills but the price they pay to mimic you does not absolve them of their wrongdoing or sin.   Wanting and needing to be validated.

You are practically their source of income.
Language is the currency and you’ve been labelled wrongly.

Delilah, Jezebel, Welfare Queen, Baby Mother.
She’s been the subject of debate for too long.
As white women hem and haw over her hips lips and everything that touches her skin. 
I already told you, they’ve been trying to cop the bootleg.
Your smell, right down to how you wear your hair.
But something’s inauthentic.

See, wearing dreads won’t make you understand the culture.
Back alley ass shots or discount plastic surgery won’t help you become more appealing to a man that truly matters.  Popping up in tags that don’t and never meant to include you wont make you hip or more likely to be praised by your counterparts. 

But you don’t understand.

There’s levels to this shit.
Like her skin that varies based on how the sun touches it.
Like her beauty that accentuates her mind  and spirit.

It takes time to comprehend how a muse can be a source of discord.
Line your lips with Soar, date outside your race.
Invade social media outlets and cry foul.

She’ll still grow.
Like that hair you have a problem with but stay trying to master.
The kinky girls with the kinkiest textures are usually the ones that fuck your perception.

All the way up.
It’s anti climactic  to expect Sapphire all the time. 
She knows.
Studying the prototype and aesthetic is only going to make you disappointed.  

Baby, lip liner can only do so much.
Let her breathe.
Told you, despite your studying she’d continue to grow.

Beautifully and completely. 
She knows.

Labels mean nothing.
Substance does.
Renaming doesn’t change worth.
The white book of knowledge you’ve been skimming over told you incorrect information.
But keep up the behavior.

Water her soil with your white tears.
Male tears too.
She will continue to grow.

Even when history continues to count her as a weed.
The only direction to go is up.
To say “I’m here for you, brown and black girl.”
Even when they swear they’re doing you better than you ever could.

Your power is in your progress.
Mouth, hips and voice.
Like the flowers they’ve been trying to stamp out.

Prove them wrong.
Be who you are.

Even when they study you so hard their eyes hurt.
Flourish despite them, naturally.

—  Grow, girl.

This awesome four-legged costume is called a “Stilt Spirit” and it’s the haunting handmade creation of Indiana-based artist Melissa Irwin and her husband Garen. Inspired by the Land Striders from The Dark Crystal as well as the anime films of Hayao Miyazaki, they built a pair of these phenomenal costumes for Halloween back in 2010. Irwin’s stilt suit costume was created using extra-large medical crutches for the arms and circus peg stilts for the legs. They used upholstery foam and fabric to pad and decorate the costumes. The impressively creepy white mask was the perfect finishing touch:

We tried different faces and masks, but nothing seemed to creep out people more than the blank and expressionless human face. On Halloween we stand in yards to pretend like we are decorations then follow families down the street. FREAKS THEM OUT!!! We also walk in our town on random days in the year just to surprise people. : )

Click here to watch a short video that includes both a time-lapse creation process as well as fantastic footage of Melissa and Garen walking around in their stunning costumes.

Irwin didn’t follow any sort of pattern when designing her Stilt Spirit. But the response to her creation has been so overwhelmingly positive that she’s since put together  a set of downloadable instructions and a tutorial for creating your very own Stilt Spirit, currently available via Melissa Irwin’s Etsy shop.

[via Laughing Squid]

There’s a running gag that pops up a few times in Arrested Development’s fourth season. It doesn’t lead to anything significant. There’s no pay off. It’s just … odd: The characters occasionally eat Parmesan cheese and mustard as a meal.

A plate of it. With a fork. On the surface, it means nothing other than a weird combo of food. But this is Arrested Development — a show where damn near everything has a reason and purpose, you just have to figure it out. So, of course, eating Parmesan cheese and mustard is a reference to the 1985 film adaptation of the board game Clue.

Here’s the ridiculous explanation behind the reference: Gene Parmesan is the Bluth family’s go-to bumbling private investigator, and is played by Martin Mull.

Martin Mull co-starred in Clue, wherein he played Colonel Mustard.

Ipso facto, Parmesan and Mustard. Need more evidence that doesn’t actually link to Parmesan and mustard but is also a reference to Clue? In the episode “A New Attitude,” Gene Parmesan buys a knife at a shop next door to a children’s play place that has a ball pit. The name of the play place is My Little Ballroom. The knife is a weapon in Clue, and the ballroom is one of the rooms in Clue.

5 Pop Culture References Nobody Got in Movies and TV Shows


It’s been over a year since we last celebrated the resilience of folks who’ve broken a bone and turned those painful lemons into artistic lemonade by decorating their casts. BuzzFeed assembled another awesome collection of 18 examples of this opportunity for self-expression that most of us would rather never have. We applaud these people for making the best of a tender and itchy situation and hope they heal(ed) swiftly. These are just some of our favorites.Click here to view the entire collection.

[via Neatorama and BuzzFeed]

OPINION: The Media Narrative of Black Men in America Is All Wrong 

More black men are going to college than ever before in our nation’s history. Black men make up the largest share of people of color in the U.S. Armed Forces. And black fathers living with their children are more likely to take on everyday child care duties than fathers in other demographic groups.

Yet many portrayals of black men in the media continue to focus on the negative. Unfortunately, these outdated stereotypes neglect the breadth and depth of the lives of American black men, who have many roles—including father, husband, mentor and community leader, just to name a few.