Ammunition Dump. While shooting the Sea Change feature for New Zealand Geographic, My Dive Buddy/Assistant/Model/Scientific Expert/Technician/Nudibranch Whisperer and general all-round good guy and great Underwater Photographer in his own right Ian Skipworth and I discovered an Untouched World War 2 Ammunition Dump, covering a huge area at the Poor Knights Islands at approximately 60m.

I have sworn Skip to Secrecy but if you buy Kevin a beer from Ocean Blue Adventures he may let the location slip.

Skip has pointed out that he may be the most photographed person to feature in the magazine, what can I say, good looks sells mags, so buy your copy today.

Happy World Ocean’s Day! I took this photograph while scuba diving the Poor Knights Islands in New Zealand. It is one of Jacques Cousteau’s top 10 favorite dive spots in the world, and is one of the most pristine and vibrant places I have ever visited. Ever since I was a kid, the ocean has been a huge, significant part of my life and I’m certain that many of you also have beautiful and memorable experiences in the ocean. Let’s do whatever it takes to protect the ocean! #worldoceansday #poorknights #newzealand #scuba #jacquescousteau #underwater #underwaterphotography (at New Zealand)

Young Ocean Explorer Riley Hathaway saving the ocean one kid at a time by making educational/fun TV with her dad Steve. Last week to get behind their kickstarter campaign. www.kickstarter.com/projects/1062176248/young-ocean-explorers-book-and-dvd-into-every-scho
#youngoceanexplorer #nz #newzealand #depth #oneredfish #diverdick #underwater #poorknights #saveourocean #ocean #kelp #freedivekids (at Poor Knights)