While setting up a job today, on a machine that I use all the time, I saw this warning label for the first time. You can only see it if you are laying under the machine; which is not a common mode of operation. #poordesign

Questionable Design Choices in iOS 8: Custom Keyboards

In this post, I explain all about Apple and some questionable design choices they are making for their custom keyboards. It is something for developers and users to take a look at. It is something to rebel against and worry about.

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Black Dog Jib? (wk 5)

I saw this logo the other day, while doing some research on the jib operating industry. There was this service called Black Dog Jib Production, Inc. I have absolutely no idea what this person or company was going for relating a dog to a jib service. Maybe they have a beloved dog in the family, or just really love animals, but this service’s logo does not say “professional jib operator” to me at all. The design is a simple black and white image, but really does not convey any real message through the design itself. Maybe it is that this service is trustworthy and a loyal companion, however, that is a bit of a stretch and I would consider rebranding in order potential clients to know exactly who you are and what you do. Do you bring a dog with you to every shoot, I don’t know. But, overall, this design and overall idea just really does not appeal to me.

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