So sick of being attacked & lambasted & given “advice” for things effected by my own sicknesses that I’m actually trying to deal with & get on top of, by sick people who aren’t even trying to get better.

"Let me trigger this person bc their getting better is triggering me. Let me throw in a dose of passive aggressive *guilting* - how bout a blame-ridden repression of the confrontation too? Okay great, bye!"

anonymous said:

Why are you frustrated?

Because the pro ana community turns my illness into something worth aspiring to, something they can pick up and try on so they can become small and lovely. When in fact I’ve got almost a decade of proof that shows when eating disorders aren’t trying to kill you, they’re trying to make your life unliveable. Because the Minnimaud community is telling me that if I just ate more and stopped puking I could be rid of this when I wake up two hours early to either fight through breakfast or get in a quick b/p before the day starts.

Those are my “rational” frustrations. I’ve got a bunch of irrational ones which I don’t see the point of discussing because they’re MY problems with jealousy and pig headedness and poorness and Canadian-ness and it’s not right for me to throw out my bullshit negativity to people who are honestly doing great things right now (but are hard for me to see because I’m not)

I don’t know maybe I need a tumblr break.

anonymous said:

what would happen if you were somehow turned human? would you be defenseless? would kindness in the world stop?


"What an odd…I truly do not know the answer to any of your questions except for the last part. No, kindness would not cease were I to be incapacitated. In the very least, my siblings could help fill the gap while I am gone. Kindness cannot be stopped while people are around to practice and provide it."

I've been tagged by the lovely 'idreammylittledream'

1. What do you love about your self? (Even if you say there is nothing… think about it. I’m sure your damn lovely.)
That I love to help people, I’m a good listener. 

2. What Hogwarts house would you be in?

3. Tell me five things you love about life.
meeting new people, nature, traveling to new places, good people who help others in need, lazy Sundays

4. What do you hate about life?
unfairness, poor ness , school on Monday (I’m free today tho), materialism, rules.

5. What do you hate about people?
rude people, people who are judgmental which is because of life nobody is born that way.

6. If you had a supperpower, what supperpower would at be and why?
Making people live eternally at the age they want. Pretty much like vampires but without the blood.

7. Whats you favourit band and why do you love them? I don’t have one fav band bec why would you limit yourself. I love one direction (as you know) because they’re talented adorable guys! I also love Coldplay bec they have beautiful songs. And arctic monkeys are wonderful

8. Your favourit weather?
Everything sunny 

9. Do you have a obsession with something? What is it?
hmmmm.. Not really

10. What is your favourit quote?
can’t think of one rn just woke up

11. If you could chose to life in a book, what book would you chose?
Harry potter without a doubt

Thanks for tagging me babe.