Point “Faire Caca chez un mec”

Chacun ses problèmes, certaines doivent préparer la naissance de leur prochain bébé, d’autres mariage ou pacs. Moi mon gros problème est dois-je faire caca chez un garçon ?

Non car on est des princesses je sais. On ne fait jamais caca, ni on pète, ni on rote… 

(Enfin moi je fais toussa comme même mais bon).

Donc vraie question peut-on faire caca chez un mec, et au bout de combien de temps ?

Perso je suis toujours en mode no caca. Une nuit c’est cool ça se gère tranquillement. MAIS PLUS DE 24H ON FAIT COMMENT ??

Facile on choppe une occlusion intestinale. Ou on se dit allez Yolo. Perso je choisi toujours l’occlusion.

In english : Well should I poop if I am with my sex friend (or my keum if you prefer) ? REAL PROBLEM. 

I think one of the nicest things my bf has ever said was that even after a long ass time of being together, i still catch his eye. Aka he’ll wander off or be outside of the liquor store and peer in and his attention immediately goes to me. I liked hearing that. It makes me happy.

lovely-lawli said:

Okay, so I am not one to try and look into an image because of sheer confusion, but I had to do a double take with the poop in the sink. Seriously, fuck is the point of shitting in the sink? Was the toilet jammed? Was the man who pooped the turd in an extreme hurry and thought that bending down was too time-costly? Is it meant to be a fetish picture? I'm just awestruck by that turd, man..

Back in the 60s my aunt was dating some dude. She took him to family dinner and he disappeared into the bathroom for a long time and then immediately left. When they went in the bathroom there was shit smeared everywhere like wallpaper, mirror, sink, everywhere. She never saw that man again.

There’s some real freaks out there. 

  • 5yo:That's cool. My tissue floats on the toilet water.
  • Me:Why do you think that is?
  • 5yo:Maybe because it is so light.
  • Me:That's right! Things that are lighter than water float and things that are heavier than water sink.
  • 5yo:Poop is heavier than water.