Tyler was at the pool shouting “get im’” at a fight that had started. Some poor kid had accidentally invoked the wrath of Poolcheck upon themselves and now they were gonna wish they had never even stepped near the Gravity Falls community pool. It was all fun and games until there was a huge crash in the distance. Suprisingly, everyone seemed to enamored in their enjoyment of watching the fight that they didn’t hear. Tyler glanced around and saw a cloud of smoke rising from the tops of the pine trees. He immediately started running in that direction. No doubt there would be something interesting there.


rubarbstrawberry asked:

Dipper, mabel, Mr. Poolcheck, waddles, and Toby determinator (did I spell that right?)

1. Dipper (aka my son)
2. Mabel
3. Waddles
4. Toby
5. Mr Poolcheck (he scares me wtf)