Today the Department of Astonishing Optical illusions is going to choose a decorative new office floor. Dubai-based interior design company Imperial Interiors creates these awesome 3D Liquid Floors using layers of durable epoxy polymer over large-scale images to create a sense of depth. So you can make the floor of any room look like a surf-covered beach, a swimming pool, tide pool, a lagoon complete with dolphin visitors, a coral reef, the bottom of a glass-bottom boat or like you’re actually walking on water. You can also make it appear as though there’s a shark swimming beneath your feet as you sit on the toilet.

“…the process involves laying down a layer of self-leveling screed (the material used to make floors even) followed by the desired image. This is then treated with a transparent two-component polymer to give the image depth. A level of protective lacquer is the final step.”

Visit the Imperial Interiors website to learn more about this stunning new trend in home decor.

[via Demilked]

See, bad things happen to me on field trips. Like at my fifth-grade school, when we went to the Saratoga battlefield, I had this accident with a Revolutionary War cannon. I wasn’t aiming for the school bus, but of course I got expelled anyway. And before that, at my fourth grade school, when we took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Marine World shark pool, I sort of hit the wrong lever on the catwalk and our class took an unplanned swim. And the time before that… Well, you get the idea.