So I saw Ponyo again last night.  When Granmamare was asking Sosuke if he could love Ponyo as a fish or a girl or anything, it made me think of how Fujimoto said he used to be a human.  Granmamare is obviously this old-as-time ocean entity who’s always been in her current form since forever.  I want to say she understands something about loving all versions of someone.  That she loves Fujimoto first and foremost as himself, in a way that doesn’t depend on him being a type of critter that fits presentably into her society.  I feel like their story must have had lots of similarities to Ponyo’s story.  I feel like that’s why Fujimoto came around to see Ponyo’s side of things so completely and without any residual bitterness, after he had some time to think about it and talk it through with Granmamare.  Maybe that’s what Granmamare was talking to Lisa about for so long.  About her experience leading a loved one through adjusting to a new way of life.