• Growth:ahahaha /v/ apparently hijacked the new MLP episode stream
  • xBlackthorn:D:
  • xBlackthorn:god damn it
  • Growth:stream suddenly went off
  • xBlackthorn:oh well I never go to the streams
  • xBlackthorn:I watch it later
  • Growth:and then it turned on with a message
  • Growth:"umad horsefuckers"
  • Me:I have never been so proud of a board on 4Chan that isn't /b/.
Concerning a Dark, Grim Future + Ponyfags

"On July 21st, 2011, a massive explosion erupted from [LOCATION REDACTED], in what top scientists are calling The Crazy Goggs Eruption. Information from President Sparkle Flutterkwai Tsunkwapliersotun-tun Moe of the /mlp/ Party has yet to release a Fanfiction on this event, so please stand by for it’s announcement until further notice. Now onto our next story, about one Brony’s dream to make an erotic fan universe containing all of his childhood animated shows…" -From a Grim, Dark Future.

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anonymous said:

You just showed how much you try to be hard. Even used the word faggot, since its such a bad thing to be gay, but whatever. And no, sexual things are disgusting, and everyone who posts/creates/likes it should get off the internet.

So asshole, lets get started, and holy shit you chose a bad day to piss me off.

I dont need to try to be hard. I already have achieved much more in my short life then you will probably do in your entire, sad existence. 

Yes being gay is the fucking 8th deadly sin.

Are you fucking stupid, I can say shit like that all day long and everywhere I fucking want, on my birthday, in the fucking chuch I never visit because I am an Satanist, while I have sex with a girl, what i never will because I am gay. So, die in hell, ponyfag.

And now to my favorite part where I will rip your ass open as wide as the fucking eyes of your mother as she saw me fucking your whole family:

First of, you opinion on sexual stuff is like you in general. No one gives a shit, no one would even be sad if it would be gone, its like that trashed can that is on the street that you give just another kick because you fucking want.
Secondly, you are speaking to someone who enjoys clop, creates clop in Pictures and texts and guess what even runned one of the biggest fucking clop blogs here on tumblr. 
You know what I like to do too in my freetime, besides havung a great fucking life ? Laugh about faggots like you. You are the kind of people I would like to put in a barrel and roll down the mount everest. 

Sincerly with no fucks given 

Why bronies like anti-bronies :)

   People shouldn’t hate others for what they like. Embrace the magic of friendship. That sounded perfect to me and it should to you. Well , at least till you find out about ponyfags and cloppers and all that. I mean , why the hell would you want to watch horse porn? They are horses !!! You don’t ride horses , … or well , you do , but not that way. I see that this meaning of “to ride” becomes more popular than the original one. However , I don’t eaven understand how you could watch such a thing. But nevermind that.

    We’ve all seen the Bronycon images , videos and all that stuff. If I didn’t know better , I would state that bronies are homosexual , which I don’t have any problem with. It’s that moment when people,… umm, I mean ponies go too far. This ABB brotherhood is nice for instance, here you can see idiots hating idiots .Ok, just kidding , anti bronies are not too stupid , I mean , thei are average , like 99 % of Earth , so… , yeah , kinda stupid. Keep on posting quality stuff , it’s really fun to see what’s really going on in the brony comunity, so you can laugh at the more ridiculous faces out there. So while many might insert a “derp” on their faces… excuse me, I meant a “Derpy”… the ABB collects these and posts them. I am not bored of bronies , cause MLP is good for everyone , either you watch it , or you laugh at those who do.

   Oh , and I am a brony! Have a nice day , and… try to not exagerate at being an anti brony… or you know what , do it , cause than there will be one more freak show for me to watch. If you are totally mad about ponies than ” Clop in hell Ponyfag”. If you are a brony , than keep on. If you are an anti brony , than ” Welcome to the Herd” :) !


Of course should people watch and “blog” about what they like. I do it myself goddamnit. I am a clopblgger myself. But thats exactly what is the differnce. There are people who do it seriously and arent ridicilious fat fedora wearing pedophiles, and there are exactly that people.
About 66% of the fandom is…. well somewhere in the middle. 
And its exactly why I even joined here, laughing at people is the best thing ever. And hell, laugh at me, I can life with it ^^

And btw: Clop in hell ponyfag